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17 June 2012

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How to Hack a Facebook Password Using Cookie Dart- 100% Working

Its being a long time since I am writing huge list of articles on Facebook Hacking to bring you the best things available ever. Now I think all of might be aware of basic Facebook account password including Phishing, Keylogging, Reverting, Social Engineering, Recovery method Techniques etc. Hence today I am going to show you to hack Facebook accounts via Cookie Dart that means capturing your victims browser cookie via poplar tools like Wireshark and then injecting  it to your browser through cookie injector and accessing his/her account for free. So lets start the process below.

How to hack Facebook Accounts in 2012 Using Cookie Dart Techniques?

1) First of all Download and install the Program Wireshark from here.

2) Now Run the Program and go to interfaces and push the button start.

3) Just Wait for 15 minutes for finding out the cookies and sessions which are opened recently.

4) After that, all the cookies and sessions will open and display to you. Now You have to enter the following code in filter box  http.cookie contains “datr” and press enter.

5) Next step is to click on Facebook cookie and right click copy -Bytes -Printed text only.


6) Now Open Firefox and install these 2 addons/scripts Greasemonkey and cookieinjector script.

7) Visit from Firefox, make sure you have installed the addons properly and all are enabled after Firefox restart.

8) You are done! just paste the cookie inside the Wireshark cookie dump and hit Ok/enter.You will Be redirected to Facebook Home. Voilà!


Important Note- This method will not work if your friend or victim is not a secure network like Http:// connection or more secure.

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  1. does it work really?

  2. This didn't work with me, perhaps because I'm using the https facebook browsing


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