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29 January 2013

How to Monitor a Computer With a Keylogger?

If you're familiar with keyloggers you'll know that the term comes from a time when logging keystrokes was the only function that was necessary. Keyloggers were first developed in the days of Microsoft DOS, but as computers have improved and evolved, the keylogger software has had to improve and evolve with them. As more and more features were added to the development of these types of programs the term keylogger was replaced with the more descriptive name, Computer Monitoring Software.

21 January 2013

Top 20 Methods on How to Hack Facebook Password in 2013

facebook-hack-password-2013 Hey Friends How are you? I hope all you are fine and today I am going to tell you How to Hack a Facebook account password in 2013. Facebook as you all knows one of the best social networking site ever and a favorite place of hackers now a days. According to me, Hacking Facebook is not so hard but logical. In this post, I have mentioned my best 20 ways on How to hack Facebook account very easily. So please have a look and Enjoy…

15 January 2013

Malware is Everywhere- Security Awareness Infographic

Malware is all around the whole and now a days spreading very fastly. Its a series problem for organizations and individuals alike. I have already discussed What is a Malware and its types, simple tips to avoid it and DNS changer Malware and now its time for a Infographic picture just below. Just Have a look, enjoy and feel free to share it!!!

08 January 2013

Download Windows 8 Pro 9200 Activator 2013

Are you in search for Windows 8 Pro build 9200 Activator, then you are at the right place. Rumors are going on about Latest Windows 8 technology and looks. All people wants to upgrade their PC with Windows 8 but the problem is that How to get it free. Therefore today I am here to give you an activator named as KMS Activator. This will automatically activates your windows by taking some time and works in background. Note- Please keep off your antivirus while installing it and run as administrator. So lets get it now and Enjoy!!!

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02 January 2013

Latest Tata Docomo 3G Hack 2013 with 2G Data plan into 3G

Tata Docomo 3G hack 2013
Back again with Latest Tata Docomo 3g Hack 2013 with 1 MBPS high speed downloading!!! This mentioned trick worked on the basis of converting your 2G data into 3G data plan. Works for both Dongle and Mobile SIM. Before using it, please note that this trick/hack only works in some states as given below. Have a look.


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