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31 March 2014

How to Disable Country Restriction on Google Play

google-play-logo Exams are Over and its time to put up an interesting post on Disabling Country Restriction on Google Play and enjoy any type of apps. Recently I noticed lots of android Smartphone users complaining about that blocked market for the country restricted users, therefore after reading a lot I personally founded a way out. I know you all may be well aware that you can easily enable the access to country restricted android market via some third party application but some users are complaining that even these third party application after emulating the SIM to another USA carrier doesn’t work well etc. So here is an alternative way to do that right.

Procedure to Disable the Country Restriction at Google Play to Download Apps

  • First of all Download any type of third party SIM emulator like Market Access, Market Enabler etc. Try Googling I can’t give link here without the developer permission If you need help ask in the comments will email you!
  • Now After that downgrade your upgraded market in case if your ROM had old Google Market when installed/Flashed, Here I am assuming that you had previous version of Market before Upgrading to newer Google Play So in this Case go to Manage Applications and Simply select Google Play and uninstall any updates from there, It will be reverted back to Android Market.
  • hence Emulate your SIM using the above mentioned program in first step and then Search any country restricted application like Google Maps and try Installing. It will take much time and after couple of minutes, download will start automatically
  • Incase, You have preinstalled Google Play when you purchased a phone with latest ICS release, then please uninstall that using Titanium Backup and then drop comment here, to get the link for Old Market for Android. Well, Ok one link is being posted here, Cheers Download and Install it and then emulate the SIM and woa, Its Working…

Download Attached File

All Done! Enjoy Apps Everywhere.

01 March 2014

Video: How to Crack Password Protected Zip Files Using Fcrackzip

fcrackzip Well After an long time, Today We are back with an exciting post on How to Crack Password Protected Zip Files using Fcrackzip with an Video Tutorial. Thus Fcrackzip is an zip password cracker, similar to fzc, zipcrack and others. This software is totally free to use and apply in seconds. I have seen many zipcrackers I found were able to find the passwords, either they didn't accept more than one zipfile, were awfully slow, or didn't do brute force attacks (which I needed), So Fcrackzip is all about doing things at perfect. Therefore lets learn more about it and watch the video carefully!

Top Features of Fcrackzip

  • FREE

    It doesn't cost anything, it will run on many architectures, and the source is freely available, so you can customise it to your needs. If you make improvements, don't hesitate to mail them to me, and I will include them in fcrackzip!

    One goal of fcrackzip was to provide a free but still fast zipcracker, so that other people can improve and contribute it further, in an open developement style.

    Other programs, like fzc, come not only without source, but the executable is even encrypted, so improving it or customizing it is difficult at best. (Maybe the programmers of other crackers don't want that people see how crappy their code actually is? Nobody knows for sure, but I see no other reason for this strange, but common, behaviour)

  • FAST

    On my old machine (a pentium-90), the portable C version is 12% slower than fzc, the fastest cracker I could find. Small parts of fcrackzip have been converted to x86 assembly, so it performs a bit faster (around 4%) than fzc now, on the same hardware (note: this is highly os/compiler dependent). Since the author of fzc claims that it is written fully in assembler, further improvements might well be possible. Incidently, on my new P-II machine, fcrackzip is almost twice as fast as fzc ;)


    fcrackzip was written in ISO-C, and should run on most platforms, even 64 bit ones (maybe after some tweaking). I'll be glad to hear about portability problems so I can fix them.


    fcrackzip will, at some later stage at least, support many more useful operation modes than other crackers. It already supports multiple zip files with multiple files. Remember that the code is only a few hours old!

    However, since version 0.2.0 fcrackzip also includes a mode to brute force cpmask'ed images, something no other program (that I know of) can do, so at least there is one feature other crackers don't have.

    And you can always implement your own modes.

Video Tutorial on How to Crack Zip Files Password?

That’s it! Enjoy, Credits- 101hacker

If anyone having any doubts and queries regarding the post, then Please comment below.


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