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26 October 2013

Hacker stole $100K from Users of California using SQL Injection Method

After a long time since my B.Tech Exams are over, Today I am going to write on a latest news that is how Hackers stole 100,000 $ from California users Based ISP using SQL injection. Now a days SQL injection being an easy and weakness on the web against Hacking! In 2013 we have seen a impressive improve in the variety of crack strikes tried against financial institutions, lending institutions and power organizations using various methods such as DDoS attack, DNS Hijacking, SQL injects and Zero-Day exploits as well. So lets know this one story below-

14 October 2013

How to Block Facebook on your PC?

blocking-facebook At KrackoWorld, I have posted many articles on Facebook Hacking but this time its all about Blocking Facebook on your Computer for various purposes. Also I have written post on blocking and unblocking websites previously. This might be helpful if you want to prevent/save students from using facebook in school and colleges or your employees in office as well. Parents can also use this trick to prevent their Childs from using Facebook. So lets learn this trick below.

How to Block Facebook on your Computer- Steps:

1. Go to Start > Programmes > Accessories
2. Then Right click on Notepad and Run it as administrator.
3. Now open host file by clicking on File > Open and locate to following address


4. Then just below # localhost, paste the following code
# Blocking Facebook

5. Now save the host file and all done.
6. Open any browser and try to open facebook. It won't open. If facebook opens then you might have done something wrong. That’s it!

Any Doubts:

If you face any difficulty blocking facebook on your PC then please leave a comment below, I will be glad to help you out ASAP. Enjoy…

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