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This policy is valid from 11 May 2011

"KrackoWorld" is not a blog or Website which promotes, encourages and exite hackers,But its purpose is to aware people that what is going around. But in reality, our goal is to prevent hacking. We believe that unless you know how to hack (ethically), you cannot defend yourself from malicious hack attacks.

According to our blog disclaimer, its owner karan chauhan, blogger and any other kind of third party related to it does not take any responsibility for any type of damage done by you people by learning to our tips and tricks. Actually all our posts and materials are made up for the educational proposes only. You can try any illegal work at your own risk and security(but not to do).By reading our blog or website,you can not claim any kind of act or program further referring to it.

The word “Hack” or “Hacking” that is used on this site shall be regarded as “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical Hacking” respectively.
We believe only in White Hat Hacking. On the other hand we oppose Black Hat Hacking also.

Most of the information provided on this site are simple computer tricks (may be called by the name hacks) and are no way related to the term hacking.

Few articles (posts) on this site may contain the information related to Hacking but not the GUIDES of Hacking. They only provide information about the legal ways of retrieving the passwords. You shall not misuse the information to gain unauthorised access.

Some of the tricks provided by us may no longer work due to fixture in the bugs that enabled the exploits. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to the usage of the hacks provided on this site.

Warning:Hacking is a crime and we are not responsible for the way you use it.

This blog contains one of the most Searched Topics in all Search Engines and other Sources.

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For any questions about this blog, please contact

If you are not agree to the above Terms and conditions, then you must leave this blog!

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