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31 March 2014

How to Disable Country Restriction on Google Play

google-play-logo Exams are Over and its time to put up an interesting post on Disabling Country Restriction on Google Play and enjoy any type of apps. Recently I noticed lots of android Smartphone users complaining about that blocked market for the country restricted users, therefore after reading a lot I personally founded a way out. I know you all may be well aware that you can easily enable the access to country restricted android market via some third party application but some users are complaining that even these third party application after emulating the SIM to another USA carrier doesn’t work well etc. So here is an alternative way to do that right.

Procedure to Disable the Country Restriction at Google Play to Download Apps

  • First of all Download any type of third party SIM emulator like Market Access, Market Enabler etc. Try Googling I can’t give link here without the developer permission If you need help ask in the comments will email you!
  • Now After that downgrade your upgraded market in case if your ROM had old Google Market when installed/Flashed, Here I am assuming that you had previous version of Market before Upgrading to newer Google Play So in this Case go to Manage Applications and Simply select Google Play and uninstall any updates from there, It will be reverted back to Android Market.
  • hence Emulate your SIM using the above mentioned program in first step and then Search any country restricted application like Google Maps and try Installing. It will take much time and after couple of minutes, download will start automatically
  • Incase, You have preinstalled Google Play when you purchased a phone with latest ICS release, then please uninstall that using Titanium Backup and then drop comment here, to get the link for Old Market for Android. Well, Ok one link is being posted here, Cheers Download and Install it and then emulate the SIM and woa, Its Working…

Download Attached File

All Done! Enjoy Apps Everywhere.

01 March 2014

Video: How to Crack Password Protected Zip Files Using Fcrackzip

fcrackzip Well After an long time, Today We are back with an exciting post on How to Crack Password Protected Zip Files using Fcrackzip with an Video Tutorial. Thus Fcrackzip is an zip password cracker, similar to fzc, zipcrack and others. This software is totally free to use and apply in seconds. I have seen many zipcrackers I found were able to find the passwords, either they didn't accept more than one zipfile, were awfully slow, or didn't do brute force attacks (which I needed), So Fcrackzip is all about doing things at perfect. Therefore lets learn more about it and watch the video carefully!

Top Features of Fcrackzip

  • FREE

    It doesn't cost anything, it will run on many architectures, and the source is freely available, so you can customise it to your needs. If you make improvements, don't hesitate to mail them to me, and I will include them in fcrackzip!

    One goal of fcrackzip was to provide a free but still fast zipcracker, so that other people can improve and contribute it further, in an open developement style.

    Other programs, like fzc, come not only without source, but the executable is even encrypted, so improving it or customizing it is difficult at best. (Maybe the programmers of other crackers don't want that people see how crappy their code actually is? Nobody knows for sure, but I see no other reason for this strange, but common, behaviour)

  • FAST

    On my old machine (a pentium-90), the portable C version is 12% slower than fzc, the fastest cracker I could find. Small parts of fcrackzip have been converted to x86 assembly, so it performs a bit faster (around 4%) than fzc now, on the same hardware (note: this is highly os/compiler dependent). Since the author of fzc claims that it is written fully in assembler, further improvements might well be possible. Incidently, on my new P-II machine, fcrackzip is almost twice as fast as fzc ;)


    fcrackzip was written in ISO-C, and should run on most platforms, even 64 bit ones (maybe after some tweaking). I'll be glad to hear about portability problems so I can fix them.


    fcrackzip will, at some later stage at least, support many more useful operation modes than other crackers. It already supports multiple zip files with multiple files. Remember that the code is only a few hours old!

    However, since version 0.2.0 fcrackzip also includes a mode to brute force cpmask'ed images, something no other program (that I know of) can do, so at least there is one feature other crackers don't have.

    And you can always implement your own modes.

Video Tutorial on How to Crack Zip Files Password?

That’s it! Enjoy, Credits- 101hacker

If anyone having any doubts and queries regarding the post, then Please comment below.

15 January 2014

How to Be Anonymous at Internet : Top Ways

being anonymous Well After managing some time today, I am going to write this article! Now a days being a top hacker, its better to be anonymous to view blocked sites or stay un-traced! In simple words, Anonymous means unidentified or unknown. So being it means a lot to a hacker for various purposes, also other people i.e student’s can be anonymous as well to operate blocked sites at Labs, Office etc. There are also many other benefits of it like doing a anony comment or many more. Therefore today I am going to tell you the real ways on How to be Anonymous at Internet. Have a look below.

3 Ways: How to Be Anonymous at Internet

1. Using Proxy

Well a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. In other words, A proxy is an address (IP address) of a Server and acts like a hub etc. We can be anonymous using various proxies. The best advantage of using proxy is that your real IP can be hidden and now work silently. This is also be used for connecting to the internet.

2. TOR Browser

Tor is free software for enabling online anonymity. Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting of more than three thousand relays to conceal a user's location or usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. In simple words, Tor-proxy is a free proxy-server service that Internet users can use to hide their IP address while surfing the Web. I just love TOR.

Must SEE- Bypass Cyberoam Security–TOR Browser

3. VPN

Well VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, Basically it’s a private network which lets users to connect to other users or remote sites using a public network usually internet. As per wiki, A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network. It is done by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connection and encryption.

That’s it! Enjoy and Please share this with your friends and Comment…

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25 December 2013

How to Boost IDM download Speed Upto Maximum?

idm-optimizer-maximum-speed-tutorial Are you fed up with slow speeds and Internet Download Manager (IDM) wont give you the proper downloading speeds, looking to optimize your speeds for better downloading then this article is for you. All of us knows that IDM is the best software to download things at faster way but it can also be optimized further with some settings. Therefore today I am going to tell you How top Boost IDM downloading speeds up to maximum and open all the ports of it etc. Note- I have mentioned two methods below, so pick up one to give a try and test!

How to Increase Downloading Speed of IDM Manually?

Step 1- Firstly of Open your IDM Tray icon in the bottom right.

Step 2- Then go to Downloads > Options.

Step 3- Now select the Connection option from the options and make the changes given below-

  • Change Connection Speed to “LAN 10Mbs”.
  • Be sure that BPS Field number has changed to 10000000 after changing connection Speed.
  • Then Change Maximum Connection Numbers to 16.

Now Save these settings by clicking the OK button. After saving these settings you will observe that your downloading speed is increased now. Enjoy!

I am damn sure from now, you will see the change in IDM Speed i.e doubled.

How to boost IDM speed with IDM Optimizer?

  • Firstly Download IDM Optimizer from Here.
  • Once it opened, you will see the following screen display :-
  • Now just hit the ” maximize now ” button and you are all done.
  • Now just restart your computer and see the difference in download speed.

That’s it! Have a nice day.

03 December 2013

Top 5 Must Have Iphone Security Applications 2014

top 5 iphone security apps Well after a very very long time, today I am here to introduce you some top 5 must have Iphone Apps of 2013-2014 etc. Sometimes we forget about our iPhones when it comes to security issue, but hackers, crackers and other bad guys don't forget this. As this result, criminals would love to get their hands in your iPhone with latest IOS release. Therefore these great security related iPhone apps helps you protect your iPhone, it's data, and even your home as well. Check it out now!

Top 5 Must Have iPhone Security Apps 2014:-

1. Find My iPhone

Here's a free way to find your lost iPhone, using another iOS device! Simply download this onto your iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, open it and log in with your Apple email ID. Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, display a message, play a sound, remotely lock your iPhone or erase all your iPhone's data easily.


This app costs 9.99$ from the apple app store. This app has 256 bit blowfish encryption, auto-lock, password generator, cloud data protection, free backup utility, email attachment backup/restore, and optional self-destruct.


The alarm system monitor and control application will let you arm, disarm, check the system's status and other tasks depending on what features you subscribe to. I just love this alarm.

4. Kryptos (for Secure VoIP calls)

Its free man! Kryptos is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) app for the iPhone that is intended to provide military-grade AES-encrypted phone calls (provided each party is using the Kryptos application to make and receive calls)

5. Pocket Cloud

Wow! This is the most expensive app on the list worth $14.99; however, it promises a secure and fast way to remotely connect, access files, pictures and applications with a simple installation, security and RDP/VNC compatibility etc.

All Done! Enjoy and Please share…

17 November 2013

Top 20 Best Hacking Forums of 2013-14

hacking forums If you are looking for some top best hacking forums of 2013 and 2014, then you are at very right place as today I am going to share the list of them. There are some hacking forums which are underground and only open for some users so I had some list of all underground hacking forums below. So get their question answer at there and also Please comment below if I missed anyone. Have a look!

Here is the list of Top 20 Best hacking Forums:

1. Hack Forums

2. Hack Hound

3. InterN0T - Underground Security Training

4. Hack-Tech • Security Forums


6. SQL Injection | Coded by 4ur3x

7. Binary Revolution Forums

8. Hack This Site!

9. - Trojan programming forum -

10. - Simply the best hacking board - Index page`

11. CyberTerrorists - The War On Cyber • Index page

12. r00tsecurity - your network for security and technology


14. Forums - Powered by vBulletin

15. WL-Group (Powered by Invision Power Board)

16. SSTeam - Security Scene Team

17. Forums (Powered by Invision Power Board)

18. Blackhat Forums - Underground Hacking and Security Community

19. Anonymous Hacking Forum

20. VIP Hack Forums

That’s it! Enjoy and Keep Posting there…

05 November 2013

How to Create your Own Virus Using Ultimate Virus Builder

create your own virus Hey What’s up today? I am again back with a bang article on Creating your own virus in seconds with the only software named as Ultimate Virus Builder 2013. Ultimate Virus Builder software offers you more than 50 options to customize your own maked virus. In this software you can set any icon for your virus ! Not only does this tool allow you to create own customize viruses, it can also help you spoof the extension of any file with the built in extension spoofer etc. But make sure that you don't make it run on your own pc as it can destroy it very badly! So lets look more on its features below-

Features of Ultimate Virus Builder

Download Ultimate Virus Builder

  • Add to startup
  • Disable System Repair
  • Disable Msconfig
  • Disable Explorer
  • Disable Regedit
  • Disable clipboard
  • Disable task manager
  • Disable CMD
  • Hide taskbar
  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Switch mouse buttons
  • Many more etc!


Download Ultimate Virus Builder


I hope you all will enjoy this tool and use it with your own risks. Note- I can’t help you if you have done any damage by this tool and inject the virus in your own computer. Have a nice day…Happy Diwali!

26 October 2013

Hacker stole $100K from Users of California using SQL Injection Method

After a long time since my B.Tech Exams are over, Today I am going to write on a latest news that is how Hackers stole 100,000 $ from California users Based ISP using SQL injection. Now a days SQL injection being an easy and weakness on the web against Hacking! In 2013 we have seen a impressive improve in the variety of crack strikes tried against financial institutions, lending institutions and power organizations using various methods such as DDoS attack, DNS Hijacking, SQL injects and Zero-Day exploits as well. So lets know this one story below-

14 October 2013

How to Block Facebook on your PC?

blocking-facebook At KrackoWorld, I have posted many articles on Facebook Hacking but this time its all about Blocking Facebook on your Computer for various purposes. Also I have written post on blocking and unblocking websites previously. This might be helpful if you want to prevent/save students from using facebook in school and colleges or your employees in office as well. Parents can also use this trick to prevent their Childs from using Facebook. So lets learn this trick below.

How to Block Facebook on your Computer- Steps:

1. Go to Start > Programmes > Accessories
2. Then Right click on Notepad and Run it as administrator.
3. Now open host file by clicking on File > Open and locate to following address


4. Then just below # localhost, paste the following code
# Blocking Facebook

5. Now save the host file and all done.
6. Open any browser and try to open facebook. It won't open. If facebook opens then you might have done something wrong. That’s it!

Any Doubts:

If you face any difficulty blocking facebook on your PC then please leave a comment below, I will be glad to help you out ASAP. Enjoy…

Must Read- How to Hack Facebook Accounts - All Possible Ways

30 September 2013

Tips To Keep In Mind If You Are Using Your Password on Others Pc

computer password safe The internet has become a very integral part of our lives. With it you can transact business, communicate with families and friends, you can do your research and studies: it has essentially become a very important part of our lives. To use these internet resources, we need to open user accounts/profile which we can only access using passwords.

However, there are other internet users whose main intentions are to cause harm, spread viruses, and steal private information to use for harm or a number of various reasons. Such users may be referred to as hackers, profile impersonators and many other names. As an experienced and informed computer and internet user, you may have taken precautions against such malicious intentions, but it is not always you will access your online emails, profiles, Web pages or any other resources you need the internet for. In the event you gain access through other people’s computers or public computers then you need to take precautions to protect your password.

How to Protect your Password on a Shared Computer

The following are some of the steps you need to take while using shared computer to access your online and sensitive information.

  • Ensure that the browser is not set to remember your username and password automatically. This will enable subsequent access to your account even after you have logged out after using it. Most browsers come with the feature of allowing you to fast access your account by automatically filling in your username and password on the subsequent logging in after the first time. Ensure your initial logging into your account using a computer which is not yours, that you do not instruct the browser to automatically remember password.
  • Always ensure that you click log out once you are done with your online user account. Closing the browser window or typing in a new URL in the browser will not necessarily log you out of your account. Most social media and email account have automatic login capability, thus the next computer user will easily access your account if you did not logout.
  • Check whether the computer you are using has anti-spy software, and if it does, ensure that it is updated to the latest version or at least a version that is quite previous. This is because the computer you are using may be having a spyware installed, with or without the owner's knowledge. If you must access you online information using a computer that is not yours, ensure that at least it has a reputable anti-spy software running.
  • It also helps to erase your tracks once you are done using the computer. There are a number of ways of doing this, the simple one is by browsing with privacy settings on. This will enable the browser and the computer not to keep history and cookies information about your activities online. Another method is by clearing recent browser history and cookies on your own. You go to the browser setting and click on delete browser history, and thus delete all the history that pertains to the activities you were doing online.
  • Never save information about your password on somebody’s computer. Some users have difficulty keeping their password in their head, thus prefer writing it down especially on Window’s tools such as Sticky Notes, Notepads and WordPad’s. Especially when they are creating a new account/profile in a new platform and it so happens they create such account/profiles on somebody’s computer. Writing down and saving your password on somebody’s computer is highly insecure since the owner may come across it after you are done and thus easily access your information.

These are some of the measures you should take to ensure nobody get knowledge of your password information. The key measure is to use your prudence such as don’t disclose your password to anybody else, when typing your password ensure nobody is looking at the keyboard or is behind you. For further assistance on password protection, you may contact Technology Helpdesk by calling one of their tech support numbers.


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