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Karan is a 18 years old guy, currently living in Punjab,India as a student (Engineer) in the field of Electronics and Comm. He is an Ethical hacker,Security Expert, Computer software developer and EBook Writer as well. During his leisure time, he loves to write what he knows well at KrackoWorld.

He started blogging in the late 2010 just for fun and to increase its popularity worldwide. At that time,he was in 12th class as a non-medical student. He had a lot of knowledge about Computer in the field of basics,software,hardware and web designing also because from 6th class he started doing extra courses of it. And from this, his life changed dramatically and gets involved in the world of Blogging. Giving Special thanks to my God and Blogger which gives me the platform to express myself in front of the whole world by choosing this way Out.

The purpose of building KrackoWorld and writing posts on it is to Aware People what's Going Around it related to the terms of Ethical hacking and Cyber Security. I never wanted or dreamed is to hack someone's account just for entertainment & money, but the main issue was that to tell my readers about the tricks usually hackers do to steal information and data by yourself for education purposes only. My only addiction is to help and protect people from getting hacked and secure them in future as I am an white hat hacker.

Our Moto and Aim :  Know Hacking But No Hacking

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Karan Chauhan


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