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24 January 2011

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Facebook Friend Adder Pro

Face Book Friend Adder

Facebook Friend Adder Pro (FFAP), the most professional facebook automation tool, is the dream of facebook marketers who are making full use of it will probably benefit a lot. Internet marketers are experiencing a gold rush of web 3.0 FREE advertising to highly targeted leads on the fastest growing social network "Facebook". Facebook FriendAdder Pro is a all in one automation marketing tool for facebook marketers. From mass friend requests to mass wall posts, the ability to fill profile's information, upload pictures to profiles and suggest pages, groups, events and applications to friends, our software has the features available to allow you to place your marketing efforts on autopilot. Facebook FriendAdder Pro can spare no effort to help you to achieve your success.

With Facebook FriendAdder Pro, you can -

  • manage THOUSANDS of facebook accounts
  • manage proxies and auto assign them facebook accounts
  • start 10 accounts to work at the same time
  • fill profile information, upload photos and change password
  • scrape mass targeted facebook friend IDs
  • send mass facebook friend requests to targeted people
  • confirm mass facebook friend requests from friends
  • send mass facebook friend messages to targeted people
  • delete mass received messages and pending friend requests
  • upload contact file by emails to send friend requests
  • suggest groups/pages/events/applications to all friends
  • post, comment and like mass wall updates on facebook walls
  • 100% bypass CAPTCHAS

Features At A Glance

  • 1. Manage Accounts

    The ability to manage thousands of facebook accounts, supports sorting accounts in campaigns, able to log in accounts with program internal browser and open accounts in browser on their specific cookies and proxies, to show all stats of accounts in the manage accounts window, and to proceed security check automatically.
  • 2. Manage Proxies

    The ability to manage bulk proxies, supports http, socks4 and sock5, to assign proxies to accounts in manage accounts automatically, to search random public proxies if needed, to check proxies which are available or not, able to reuse proxies which are used before, it can also search random public proxies for you if you can't afford private proxies.
  • 3. Fill Profile Information

    Used to fill account's basic information in bulk, can manage to fill information for many accounts in a very short time, to make profiles look more real.
  • 4. Upload Profile Pictures

    Used to upload many pictures to profiles massively, to make accounts more attractive and real.
  • 5. Change Account Password

    Used to mass change account's password, support changing account's password, quite convenient for people to change password in bulk if they are newly bought.
  • 6. Find Targeted Friends

    The ability to scrape thousands of profile IDs in a short time, it can scrape IDs from groups, fan pages, friends of other friends' ids and other people's ids searched by keywords.
  • 7. Add Targeted Friends

    Able to send friend requests to those scraped IDs, supports adding specific friends by sex, won't add the same friends to any of accounts in the program.
  • 8. Message Targeted Friends

    Able to send messages to those scraped IDs, supports sending messages to specific friends by sex, won't send messages to the same people.
  • 9. Add Online Friends

    Able to send friend requests to those people who are online, will be possible to get response from
    them immediately.
  • 10. Message Online Friends

    Able to send messages to those people who are online, which would make those people be able
    to read messages in time.
  • 11. Upload Contact File

    Able to upload emails to send friend requests, as it is allowed by facebook to send mass friend requests to people who are uploaded by email addresses.
  • 12. Remove Sent Requests

    Ability to remove pending friend requests to keep accounts safe, it is able to remove pending friend requests to make the acceptance rate of accounts high enough so as to make accounts safe enough.
  • 13. Confirm Received Requests

    The ability to respond to received requests automatically, will save much time from confirming friend requests and it is able to ignore those groups/pages/application/events invitation.
  • 14. Invite Account Friends

    The ability to suggest fan pages, groups, events and application to friends, it is able to invite all accounts' friends to fan pages, groups, events, and application in a short time.
  • 15. Find Targeted Walls

    Used to scrape walls in bulk, it can search profile walls, pages and groups walls for you by keywords
    and the number of members.
  • 16. Post Wall Updates

    Used to post updates on profiles, friends' profile, groups and fan pages walls, it supports posting text words,
    urls and special characters to profile, friends, pages and groups walls, and spun messages will make it is
    able to post varieties of messages on walls.
  • 17. Like Wall Updates

    Used to like updates on profiles, friends' profile, groups and fan pages walls, the ability to like a specific update, it can avoid liking the same update automatically.
  • 18. Comment Wall Updates

    Used to comment updates on profiles, friends' profile, groups and fan pages walls, able to comment a specific update, it is able to omit the udpate which is already commented by other accounts, it supports spun messages to post different comments.
  • 19. Share Wall Updates

    The ability to share wall updates, able to share a specific update to accounts' profile wall, you will be able to add a message when you are sharing walls or updates, and it supports spun messages so that the messages will be different.
  • 20. Preferences

    Used to set up related settings in relevant features, you can set your decaptcher account there, and other more preferable options.


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