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17 March 2011

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How to Hack PTC Websites using Multiclicker?


I recently wrote an article on How to make money online with Neobux  - one of the best PTC program ever in my view or history.Today I am going to tell you a software named as PTC Multiclicker which is used to hack PTC sites like,,,,,,,,, and many more.

What are PTC websites?
PTC means ‘Paid To Click’  and PTC websites are that sites which pay you money just for  viewing their advertisements by clicking. You have to view each ad for atleast 15-30 seconds and these PTC sites pay you around $0.01-$0.02 and some times even lesser than that.

When and How do i get paid?
You get paid once you successfully reached the minimum cashout or payout set by the PTC website you are using.
You can get paid through Paypal,Alertpay,Neteller,Liberty reserve etc.I personally recommend you using Paypal and Alertpay because they are safe and available in more than 190 countries.

What is Muticlicker and what does it do?
Multiclicker is a PTC hacking application which automatically log in to your PTC account and starts clicking ads automatically  on PTC sites which is normally done by you. Thus, you have to rest back and Multiclicker starts making money for you.

How to hack PTC sites with Multiclicker?
To use multiclicker for PTC hacking just follow the steps:
Step 1:
Download Multiclicker software to hack ptc sites.

PTC hacking

Step 2
Extract the folder to view the files using Winzix.

Step 3:
Now just start using multiclicker software to make money online.


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  1. what is the password for the file?

  2. @majaamaadi

    There is no need of password required to download the file!

  3. there is a password to extract the folder, what is it?

  4. @ anonymous

    If you have still problem plz use my another downlaoding link-

  5. can u upload to mediafire?

  6. You can also download this file from torrent also...

  7. unable to download file from sharecash as free member.
    provide some other site link

  8. @ anonymous
    Please download it from this torrent site-

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  12. wat is the password of the rar file plz post there.....

  13. Thanks i downloaded the file but the file is asking of a password. Wats the password pls.

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  16. What Is the password of rar fiLe ??


  18. Sir if the softoware works then ur doing great job. Thanks

  19. Sir if the softoware works then ur doing great job. Thanks

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