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14 June 2012

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How to Open Blocked Torrent Sites in India

Do you love to download things from Torrent sites/networks especially PirateBay, KickassTorrents or but now getting problems is India while opening these sites sometimes. As you all know that Indian Government has recently banned torrent sites from being used by summoning Telecom Giants to block gates to torrent sites. The harsh step from the government came after piracy of Music and Movies where on an all time high. Don't worry we can still open these sites and download what we want unlimited through some tricks mentioned below. Enjoy!

How to Open/Access Blocked Torrent Sites in India:

Method 1. Always Use https:// instead of http://

Yes its true, make sure you open instead of Its a simple trick to open blocked torrent sites sometimes.

Method 2. Open Blocked Torrent sites via IP Address

Now to open any blocked Torrent sites you have to get its IP Address and type in your browser. To know IP Address of any site you have to take help of the pinging command in MS-DOS. Just type ping website name and press enter. After doing that, you will get the list IP Address of that particular site and then copy paste it to your browser and open whatever sites you want very easily. for ex- ping

Method 3. Must use IP Hiding Software's for that

You can use Top IP Hiding softs like Real Hide IP and Hide my IP to surf anonymously from different countries and make fool of these torrent sites.

Method 4. Start using Open or Public DNS Settings

Set your Internet Connection DNS Settings to – This is your Preferred DNS Settings – This is your Alternate DNS Settings

You can also use some other DNS Settings such that of Google given below:

Method 5. Lastly Use online Proxy Sites to get rid of it

Now to open such blocked Torrent sites and download what you want I must Recommend Kproxy for that. Some other online proxy sites are: etc.

Also see- How To Access Blocked Web Sites?   Bypass Cyberoam Security–TOR Browser

That's it! I hope you will have some freedom over your download now! And Don't forgot to subscribe our Email updates for more latest stuffs like that.

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  1. Thanks for giving information.
    Your Article was very useful for me.I chose Method 3.After that i checked my new ip range at It's fully different from my previous ip range.


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