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18 June 2015

5 Best VPNs for Torrenting and P2P Files Sharing

clip_image002The world is a very different place than 20 years ago. One of the biggest changes we, as a species, have witnessed over the past two decades is the development of a network for all our thoughts, ideas, communications and data.

We call it the internet and its defining feature has always been the connection that people can form over very vast distances. It was only natural that we would figure out a way to use the new technology to share data and media in real time. Today this is called Peer-to-Peer sharing and everything from virtual currencies to music videos is shared in this way.

P2P file sharing or torrenting has brought down the barriers to data and information that existed before. But there are still a few places where the internet is restricted.

If you find that you live in a country where the government monitors and censors the internet, it may be time to get yourself a VPN to circumvent such restrictions and unlock the full potential of the internet.

Assuming you’ve already read up about VPNs, here is our list of the top 5 best VPNs designed for file sharing and torrenting.

5 Best VPNs for Torrenting and P2P Files Sharing

Cyberghost VPN

This one is more of an extension on chrome, but it works extremely well and that’s why it’s on the list. The company behind this extension started off by making a VPN dependent on the operating system. They established themselves as a serious player based on their high quality service and overall dependability.

Now, with a Chrome app that has 256-bit AES encryption, they’ve upped the game while maintaining the same level of service. If you use Chrome and download torrents, this is the one you should get. Get CyberGhost.

Private Internet Access

Good Speed? Good Connectivity? Great Encryption? All yes with Private Internet Access. This provider offers a 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption which is state-of-the-art.

There is also an option to pay with Bitcoin, They’ve got special apps that let you kill individual apps and save data from leaking out of the system.

What’s the issue? Their servers are based in the United States. Considering the technical capabilities of the US Government and the local laws concerning copyright infringement and file sharing, this may be an issue for most.

Then there is the issue that the Android app is much better designed than the iOS app. People who work with the company complain about slow and laggy software on both OSX and iOS.

That’s the only reason this one features on our list, otherwise it’s perfectly fine. Try it out.


Extremely secure software by a company based in the US. They run their operations in 23 countries, however, and are open to the idea of moving if the legal regulations here get too tight.

Bittorrent is only allowed on certain servers and in select locations but when you do get access to it the service works extremely well. The reason they don’t let people torrent from all servers at once is because of the intense usage torrenting and file sharing involves. But the service is secure and performs well overall.

Regardless of where you are trying to share files from, the servers will automatically route to one of the locations where the system is optimized for heavy-duty use. This makes TorGuard one of the best options for torrents and file-sharing online.


If you’ve never heard of VPNArea, that could be because it is a startup based in Bulgaria. Despite being a young company, the team have developed some pretty interesting features.

They offer an auto IP changing feature, a per-app kill switch and a DNS leak protector. If you sign up with them you can bet you will be using these handy tools often.

The issue with VPNArea is that the software could have been much better. The security features aren’t up to the mark (they use a 128-bit Blowfish encryption) and there are minor issues with the design of the software itself.

But considering they are new and offer a 7-day free trial, you may want to check them out anyway.


BolehVPN is based in Malaysia and is used by a surprising number of people in and around Asia. It’s got good speed and low prices going for it after all.

Plus the software is optimized for use with BitTorrent.

But the website and software are very badly designed and often confusing to use. The cluttered website and the sub-par encryption could be the reason why this one features on the bottom of our list.


There are a lot of countries with restricted access to information and the internet in general. Certain useful media and documents are completely off limits for people who live in these places.

By using an effective VPN, you can cover your data and protect your network from any snooping. You’ll want to find a balance between the right price, great security and flawless connections. With enough time and research you may be able to find the best one for you.

This was contributed by Caroline, a technology enthusiast whose main area of interest is internet security. Caroline recommends as of the best possible online sources for information regarding internet security.


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