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13 March 2011

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Top 10 Best Facebook Hacks 2010-2011

facebook1With the success of my new book on ‘Learn Facebook Hacking’ in the market, today I am going to tell some more facebook hacks to all my readers. Now a days facebook takeovers the Orkut,hi5,twitter and more due to its amazing technology of chatting and apps,People are now shifted from various social networking sites to facebook and get benefited . Due to this,FB hacking is becoming common and hackers are more concentrating on their skills.Sometimes if you want to see or do something with your friends for joy and fun but you are going to not to do because he/she will lock that feature with privacy.Therefore now I am going to introduce you all my latest collection of top 10 best facebook hacks.This will make more fun and easyness to you while online.

List of Top 10 Facebook hacks-

1.How to View the Album of Any User Even if it is Private
You can use this script to view a photo in the original album, even if you’re not friends with the person.
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2. How to Remove Annoying Facebook Advertisement
Get rid of some of the Facebook advertising and sponsored by sections with this tool.
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3. How to see Real Profiles from Public Pages
This script redirects to real profiles from the Facebook people pages (public profiles). There is a risk of an infinite redirect loop if not logged in, so be logged in.
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4. How to Undo Facebook Changes
If you hate some or all of the new Facebook changes, undo them with these scripts and use what you liked previously.
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5. How to View All the Photos from a Person
You can search for pictures of a Facebook member who has tight privacy settings and view all his/ her pictures without his/ her consent.
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6. How to Find More Friends at Facebook
Suppose some of your friends have newly joined Facebook and you didn’t even knew. Use this script and it will help you go through your friends’ friends list and find them out.
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7. How to Share Files from Facebook
With this box widget, you can share files from your computer through Facebook. Isn’t it great?
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8. How to Get a Job from FacebookLooking for a job?
This application gives Facebook users unique access to job information, networking opportunities and other career resources.
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9. How to Tighten up the Privacy and still Maintain Communication Convenience
The Private Wall combines the best of both worlds of Facebook: online convenience and communication with more serious privacy settings.
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10 How to Cheat Facebook Texas Hold em Poker
This is one of my Favorite hacks and that is why I have saved it for the last one. Using this software you can see the cards of any player and the advanced version of this software allows you to even add credits to your account for free.
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That’s it !

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  1. there's another cool script for facebook that helps to like many statuses, photos, links etc in just 1 click

    check the link below...

  2. can u update this facebook hacking trick.....?

  3. Can I hack Facebook passwords without program?


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