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13 June 2012

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Top 10 Tips To Protect Your Webcam From Getting Hacked

Hack WebcamsGenerally Webcams are used for video chatting either on Skype, Facebook and any other Network. But Now a days it is also used for Hacking so don't ever think a while that you are safe inside your home. So the bottom line is that Gone are the days people used to believe webcams cannot be hacked and they cannot be compromised. In Fact a script kiddie can hack your home webcams through some software or social engineering methods. Mainly Webcam hacks are done either to see your private things and then afterwards blackmailing you with it for some money etc. So lets talk more on How to protect yourself from these type of attacks?


Top 10 Killer Tips to Protect your Home Webcam from Getting Hacked

1. Enabling your Windows Firewall plus use Recommended Settings always. Must use Comodo Firewall for Windows or PC Tools™ Internet Security for that.

2. Use strong Antivirus Protection with proper Update. You can try Norton Internet Security 2012, AVG Protection or Avast Antivirus.

3. Spyware Detection Program: Having a firewall and Antivirus is not enough, you’ll need a Spyware detection program to avoid someone spying on your webcam. You check CNET for free Spyware detection programs.

4. Keep your PC/Mac up-to-date. Must install latest Updates from them.

5. Use WEP, WPA, WPA2 or any other security key if you are on wireless router or wireless webcam.

6. Always use Good Webcams like Logitech HD Webcam C270 etc.

7. Don’t do any ‘private’ thing in front of your webcam and never trust any ‘unknown’ service centers.

8. Switch off your Webcam properly when you are not using it.

9. Never grant permissions to the untrusted/unhealthy websites to access your webcam for some genuine reason. You may be sometimes victim of them.

10. Last but not the least Don’t keep your webcam in private area.

That's it! All Done! Go Safe…

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  1. This is a great list of ways to keep yourself protected from webcam hackers, but there is only one way to ensure you are 100% protected from being watched. Even with all of the steps above you are still at risk.

    I purchased a camJAMR from recently and i LOVE it. It physically covers my webcam with a webcam lens safe adhesive that is reusable many times. They have cool/fun images that i enjoy looking at.


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