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27 February 2013

How To Bypass Sharecash Survey 2013

Unlock ShareCash Survey 2013 Hi Friends after a long time I am posting again on Bypassing Sharecash Survey in 2013. Last month Lots of People sending emails to me regarding this issue, that’s why today I'm going to tell you one more trick for completing or unlocking Surveys very fastly and easily. Here I am using Hotspot Shield trick. So lets know and try this method below. Enjoy!

Unlock survey : Bypass ShareCash Surveys

1. Sharecash gives surveys that require phone verification if you are not from the USA. We will need a VPN to change our IP to get a US IP easily. We will be using a free VPN called Hotspot Shield. Note - If you are from the US, skip this step.

2. Now download Hotspot Shield at here. Make sure to click the box that says "Fix Page Not Found Errors" as this error may come up a lot.

3. Hence install it and run Hotspot Shield to press the connect button.

4. Here Wait for it to say "State: Connected". After it has been connected, go to any site and this should appear.

demo 5. Then enter sharecash link in your browser like Chrome, FireFox etc and choose a survey. The easiest way to unlock it is when they show food related surveys like "which on is better coke or pepsi" or something like that.

6. After clicking it, go to the site fakenamegenerator and click on "Generate" button (make sure you've selected USA as your country").

7. Now go back to the Survey you chose, and fill-up the information that you've generated on Step 5 After that click on "Submit" button.

8. All Done! Just go back to the download page and let it Refresh more than 2 times and the survey will unlock. If it doesn't, just try one more time.

That’s it! Peace and Blessings…Comments are Welcomed below.

19 February 2013

What is the difference between WEP and WAP Encryption?

In this world, some people (usually hackers) are still confused between WEP and WAP type of Encryption that's why today I am going to write an detailed post on it later below. WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy and WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol mainly. Both are the security encryption used by the browsers. So lets differentiate them below.

03 February 2013

How to Bypass Safety Mode in YouTube to See Videos?

youtube safety mode Are you Getting problems in watching YouTube Videos that requires Safety Mode feature, If You then you are the right place as Today I am going to tell you How to Bypass Safety Mode in YouTube to See as many videos you want without signing in to your Gmail account and confirming age etc. In this, we are not going to off/Disable Safety Mode, hence it’s just a trick to overcome it. Please have a look below and Share.


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