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28 November 2012

How to Install Hacking Keylogger in iPhone

Now a days as you all knows every machine has a keylogger installed to see another user's password, activities and many more. But what if I will give you a keylogger for iPhone iOS? Well its just awesome and having too much fun especially for hackers. Therefore a new app named as iKeyMonitor comes into play. The iOS Keylogger for iPhone and iPad that logs keystrokes, passwords, websites and captures screenshots, provides users with detailed guide about how to install it here. So lets download it. Enjoy!!!

13 November 2012

How to do DOS Attack via CMD?

DOS_attack Well According to Hackers dictionary, DOS Stands For Denial of Service Attack and it is an easy way by which we can attack any website from our home PC. DOS attacks can target end-user systems, servers, routers and Network links(websites). Today in this article, we are going to learn How to implement it with your Computer Command Prompt. Have a look! 

1- Command Prompt (CMD or DOS)
2- IP Address of the Targeted Site

How To get IP Address of any Website?

1. Open your CMD (command prompt) and type
nslookup Site-Name
(e.g nslookup
It will show you IP of the site.

How to do DOS attack with CMD:

Ok now write this command in CMD For Attack on Any Site/ Server.
ping SITE-IP -l 65500 -n 10000000 -w 0.00001
-n 10000000= the number of DOS attempts.. you can change the value "10000000" with your desired value you want to attempt attack.

SITE-IP= Replace the text with the IP address of the site you want to be attacked…
-w 0.00001 = It is the waiting time after one ping attack.

Keep NOTE: Don’t Change or Remove -l, -n and -w in this command. Otherwise you will not able to attack!!!

That’s it! Enjoy and Happy Diwali.

09 November 2012

How to Hack a Gmail Account Password on Wi-Fi

gmail In my previous post, I clearly mentioned the top ways to hack a Gmail password but today I am going to show you how to hack a Gmail account on Wi-Fi. Please note that in this process all you have is authentication to your victims account by means of cookie stealing technique. Here We use Wireshark and Cookie manger add-on to Complete this task plus little bit mind logic. So lets start below.

How to Hack a Gmail Password on Wifi 2012- Complete Tutorial

1. First of all Download Wireshark from here and then install it on your PC.

2. Now run Wireshark.exe as administrator and select your appropriate network interface as given below.

demo 3. Now click on start and continue sniffing for around 10-15 minutes.

4. After it, click the stop button and next set the filter to http.cookie contains “Gx” at the top left, This filter will search for all the http cookies with the name Gx, And Gx as we know is the name of the Gmail authentication cookie.

5. Once you have found the suitable line of Gmail GX cookie right click on it and click on Copy and then select Bytes (Printable Text Only)

6. Well you are almost done! Now dump these cookies into cookie manger to login into your victim account. Demo is given below-

demo 17. Lastly Put your Captured Cookies into Red field and then ok. Now click on Refresh button and you will there into victim’s account.

Important Note-  This Attack will only work if victim is on a http:// connection and even on https:// if end to end encryption is not enabled.

That's simple! Have fun and Enjoy. Any doubts are welcomed below and don't forgot to share this post also to Social Media sites.

03 November 2012

How to Download Torrents Using IDM- 100% Working Trick 2012

download torrents via idm Well the most interesting things on Internet is to download software's, songs, videos and games via Torrent sites but the problem is that it offers slow speeds. The reason of such slow speeds is that the torrent sites provide us files based on leeches and seeds. Whenever you download a torrent file, you need to make sure that Number of  ”Leeches” is  always very less in number as compared to the number of “Seeds” [Seeds indicate the number of people who have already downloaded the torrent file. Leeches represent those who are currently downloading the file]. Now think if i say you can download these torrent files via IDM then what? Yes its true, today i am going to share this tutorial on How to Download Torrents using Internet download Manager just below. Have a look!


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