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12 June 2012

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Introducing Hacker Emblem

hacker EmblemDo you aware of Hacker Emblem? If not then you must feel shame of being a hacker. Yes its true, let me explain to you properly. The Hacker Emblem was first proposed in October 2003 by Eric S. Raymond, who claimed a need for a unifying and recognizable symbol for his perception of hacker culture. This does not refer to the hackers breaking into computers, but to the hacker culture around BSD, MIT, GNU, Linux, Perl, etc.; that is, the community around free software and open source.


Raymond suggests that "by using this emblem, you express sympathy with hackers' goals, hackers' values, and the hacker way of living".

The image itself is a representation of a glider formation in Conway's Game of Life.

Hackers also associate and represent themselves with mascots from notable free and open source projects such as the GNU Project's "Gnu" or more commonly the Linux kernel's "Tux". The "Dust Puppy" from the web comic User Friendly is also commonly associated with Hackers, Internet culture, and free and open source communities due to the strip's coverage of those topics.

It is widely believed that this particular symbol came into popularity with the invention of the Game of Life, by John Conway, as this particular configuration will transfer itself in a gliding fashion across the board.

Conclusion: If you are a Hacker then you must respect Hacker Emblem Sign.

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