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10 August 2014

Latest AnyKeylogger for Mac 2014: Free Download

antikeylogger for mac Industry is growing, that’s why more and more people are now using Apple Mac or Mac book, So this post is all for the Mac lovers. Therefore Hackers are more demanding for Mac apps, asking Keylogger developers to launch a keylogger for Mac etc. Hence Mac Keyloggers let us keep track or view of activities on Mac OS X 10.6.X. One of the most effective ways of stealing information is capturing keystrokes via Keylogger, hence Mac anti keylogger comes into play. Now this keylogger let you captures everything the user is doing - keystrokes, mouse clicks, files opened and closed and websites visited too. So lets learn more on this MAC Any Keylogger and its working plus downloading links etc. Have a look!

What is Any Keylogger for Mac?

This is known as The world's best keylogger software for Mac. With 6 basic but effective features Any Keylogger for Mac can help users record almost all activities happened on Mac in stealthy mode. Therefore Anykeylogger for Mac is a simple and user-friendly keylogger app, which can record Mac activities such as browsed sites, keystrokes and screenshots.

Now With simple interface and effective monitoring features, Any Keylogger for Mac has won a number of Mac users and awards. Any Keylogger for Mac is a good solution to Mac activity monitoring and many more.

How it Works?

Well Any Keylogger for Mac secretly works in the background process and cannot be detected by users as well as antivirus software too. It can record all activities on your Mac PC including texts typed, website visited, screenshots, send logs via email and applications launched etc. Thus It will automatically operate in 100% hidden mode when you boot up your Mac.

AnyKeylogger Features:

1. Take Screenshots

2. Record Browsed Sites History

3. Log Keystrokes

4. Record Program Activity

5. Send The Logs Via Email

6. Run in stealth Mode

How to Install and Use Anykeylogger to record Mac activities?

1. First of download and install the AnyKeylogger for Mac in your Operating System.

2. Now You will be prompted to install a monitoring tool. When you install the program, it will automatically run when your computer starts always.

3. Then Click on “Settings” in the main interface, choose “Common”, setup time intervals of screenshots, screenshots of visited web pages or activated windows. When done, you can close the settings window. Or you can define Hotkey combination to view logs here.

any keylogger for mac use 4. If you want to receive mails to your email address to remotely receive logs, click “Email & Logs”, there you can configure time intervals of automatic log deletion etc.

demo 5. Now View logs In the main interface, you can see all monitored logs at that place, just click one item you want to view and the detailed information will be shown on the right. That’s it!

antikeylogger mac working All Done! Enjoy…If you want to buy full version, then you have to pay 29.95$ for it.

Final Words:

I hope you all liked my article on Keylogger for MAC OX, thus If you want to track children’s online activities to check whether they have browsed inappropriate sites. Or you just need a keylogger to record what you yourself have done on Mac, this is best for you. So what are you waiting for, just download the keylogger now and Have fun. If you have any doubts left in your mind, then let us know in the comments. Till then Good Bye.

15 June 2014

List Of Facebook Proxy Sites 2014: 100% Working

Do you Want to Access Facebook on Blocked Network?

facebook proxy websites listIf Yes, then read this post carefully. Here today I am going to mention top list of Facebook proxy sites that work in 2014 to access blocked Facebook or URL Blocked. Well Proxy sites help you to bypass these passages and will open your Facebook or any account at Internet easily via Hiding IP addresses or use any other location IP’s. Now a days all these Social Bookmarking Sites include Facebook, Google +, Twitter are blocked at your near by schools and office, So that’s why proxy sites are must in order to open them illegally. One of popular network i.e Facebook, In case of blocked access to Facebook we can try Facebook login proxy sites list. In my notice, there are some of the proxies might be died, expired in time or some proxies doesn’t working well for you when you login in, therefore here I bring you top 3 Facebook proxy sites of 2014- 100% Working etc. Note- Before entering username and password make sure that the website is reliable and doesn’t store any personal details of yours.

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How to Open Blocked Torrent Sites in India

What are Facebook Proxy Sites?

Facebook Proxy Sites are those which would help you to access or login Facebook at Blocked Network’s. Many times when you are trying to use Internet at the public Wi-Fi network or your office network, then you are not able to get through it. This is all because of admin of the public network places due to security reasons. But if you have the access to Facebook Proxy Login websites, then you can easily get through these blocked sites without any doubt.

Top 3 Facebook Proxy Websites of 2014:

1. The Facebook Proxy

Facebook Proxy is a especially dedicated for the aim of unblocking Facebook. This website allows you open Facebook from anywhere. While you are at office, school or any other organization this site will help you to access you Facebook account in a very simple manner. Just on the Home screen enter the Facebook URL and click "Go" , hence It will open the Facebook homepage for you.

2. Proxymice

Proxymice is a Facebook proxy site created by a group of professional web developers specially for those who wish to cant access Facebook normally. As compared to other fast browsing sites list, Give it a try and you wont be regret. They have provided a link in their sidebar that reads "Start Facebook Proxy" so that users can directly move to Facebook etc. Its so simple to use this.

3. Unblock Facebook Proxy

With the help of this proxy websites you will be able to break through all the network barriers to get access to your FB account such as Cyberoam. With the help of this site, not only can you get into your Facebook (FB) account, but can also browse through other sites as well. Now You have to go to the website and enter the URL to get the page where you can enter the credentials to access your account. That’ it!

All Done! I hope now it would be easier to access Facebook without any problem at blocked network. In case if you face any difficulties while using these Facebook login proxies, let us know. Now If you found this article useful, then please share this with all your friends or colleagues online/offline. Till then Peace!

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26 May 2014

Latest Backtrack Hacking Video Tutorials- GET DVD

backtrack videos After my B.Tech 3rd Year (6th SEM) Exams, Its my first post on krackoworld’s. Today I am giving you a gift video package related to latest Backtrack version. This includes nice collection of hacking videos using backtrack such as SQL injection, phone phreaking, wireless hacking, website hacking, network interfacing and many more etc. So what are you waiting for, just download the DVD from the below given link and start learning in details. Note- Please install utorrent or bitcomet software to download this torrent, So lets check out some of its ingredients. Have a look and Enjoy…

Videos Included in this DVD-

  • Episode 1 – Learn Network Hacking – Arp Poisoning
  • Episode 2 – Wireless Hacking – Cracking WEP
  • Episode 3 – Wireless Hacking – DeAuth
  • Episode 5 – Lock Picking – Bump Key
  • Episode 6 – Phone Phreaking – Beige Box
  • Episode 7 – Phone Phreaking/Network Hacking – Sniffing VOIP
  • Episode 8 – Lock Picking – DIY Padlock Shims
  • Episode 9 – Lock Picking – Mult-Disc Combo Locks
  • Episode 10 – Hacking Basics – MD5
  • Episode 11 – Website Hacking – Sql Injection
  • Episode 12 – Hacking Basics – Backtrack
  • Episode 13 – Website Hacking – XSS
  • Episode 14 – Staying Secure – SSH Tunnel
  • Episode 15 – Modding – Xbox Softmod
  • Episode 16 – Wireless Hacking – Cracking WPA
  • Episode 17 – Triple Boot – Windows, Backtrack, & Ubuntu
  • Episode 18 – Local Password Cracking
  • Episode 19 – Lock Picking Basics
  • Episode 20 – Ettercap
  • Episode 21 – XSS Tunnel
  • Episode 22 – Playstation 2 Softmod
  • Episode 23 – Cracking WEP Update
  • Episode 24 – Bypass Hotspot’s Access Controls
  • Underground – Install Backtrack 3 on USB
  • Underground – CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery)
  • Underground – Alternate Data Streams
  • Underground – Local File Inclusion
  • Underground – Windows Privilege Escalation
  • Underground – Bluetooth Hacking
  • Underground – VMWare
  • Underground – Fix Google Mail Enumerator
  • Underground – Home Made Lock Picks
  • Underground – Downfalls of Anti-Virus Software Part 2
  • Underground – Downfalls of Anti-Virus Software
  • Underground – Evilgrade
  • Underground – Trojan Basics
  • Underground – Manipulating Windows User ***s
  • Underground – Combine Files
  • Underground – Password Phishing
  • Underground – Windows SMB Relay Exploit
  • Underground – Application Patching
  • Underground – Metasploit Autopwn
  • Underground – Email Spoofing
  • Underground – Introduction
  • Extracting Database Information from Information_Schema
  • FPGA MD5 Cracker
  • Arduino ARP Cop
  • Email Injection
  • Ping of Death
  • DNS Spoofing with Virtual Hosts
  • Bypass Cisco Clean Access & Cisco NAC Appliance
  • Dual Boot – Windows & Backtrack
  • Sql Injection Challenge How-to
  • How to use Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG in Backtrack 2
  • Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Cisco VPN Client etc.


21 April 2014

How to Protect Yourself From the Heartbleed Bug or Attack

heartbleed bug Are you aware of Heartbleed Bug or not? If not, then this article is for you only. Well this is a very new bug out at the Internet and exposing everything about a user or website. Actually The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. So lets read its prevention and other info below.

How it Works?

The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content. This allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from the services and users and to impersonate services and users.

Why it is called the Heartbleed Bug?

Bug is in the OpenSSL's implementation of the TLS/DTLS (transport layer security protocols) heartbeat extension (RFC6520). When it is exploited it leads to the leak of memory contents from the server to the client and from the client to the server.

How to Check your Site If they are are Vulnerable?

1.) First of all check if the sites you use every day on an individual basis are vulnerable to Heartbleed bug or not using, and if you're given a red flag, avoid the site for now.
2.) LastPass also created a Web app that will tell you what kind of encryption a site uses, and when the encryption was last updated.
3.) Provensec also created a scanner at
4.) GlobalSign SSL Configuration Checker.


  1. First Change your passwords. ALL of them. This article from Mashable will get you started.
  2. As long as you’re changing passwords, use this opportunity to start using different passwords for every site. It’s really easy with LastPass, which has a terrific free version. A password utility like this will securely generate, store, and enter passwords for you. Once you’ve used it for a week, you won’t want to go back to memorizing all of your passwords or using the same password on multiple sites (Heartbleed shows just how dangerous that can be).
  3. Never reuse same passwords again in the future.
  4. OpenSSL version 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f and 1.0.2-beta1 are Vulnerable and flaw is fixed in OpenSSL 1.0.1g. If you haven't yet, please update your system that use OpenSSL for TLS encrypted communications.
  5. It is good to use the two-factor authentication, which means with the password, the account requires a freshly generated pass code that shows up only on your personal Smartphone, before getting into certain websites for financial transaction.

That’s it! Enjoy and Be Safe. Any Comments are welcomed below.

31 March 2014

How to Disable Country Restriction on Google Play

google-play-logo Exams are Over and its time to put up an interesting post on Disabling Country Restriction on Google Play and enjoy any type of apps. Recently I noticed lots of android Smartphone users complaining about that blocked market for the country restricted users, therefore after reading a lot I personally founded a way out. I know you all may be well aware that you can easily enable the access to country restricted android market via some third party application but some users are complaining that even these third party application after emulating the SIM to another USA carrier doesn’t work well etc. So here is an alternative way to do that right.

Procedure to Disable the Country Restriction at Google Play to Download Apps

  • First of all Download any type of third party SIM emulator like Market Access, Market Enabler etc. Try Googling I can’t give link here without the developer permission If you need help ask in the comments will email you!
  • Now After that downgrade your upgraded market in case if your ROM had old Google Market when installed/Flashed, Here I am assuming that you had previous version of Market before Upgrading to newer Google Play So in this Case go to Manage Applications and Simply select Google Play and uninstall any updates from there, It will be reverted back to Android Market.
  • hence Emulate your SIM using the above mentioned program in first step and then Search any country restricted application like Google Maps and try Installing. It will take much time and after couple of minutes, download will start automatically
  • Incase, You have preinstalled Google Play when you purchased a phone with latest ICS release, then please uninstall that using Titanium Backup and then drop comment here, to get the link for Old Market for Android. Well, Ok one link is being posted here, Cheers Download and Install it and then emulate the SIM and woa, Its Working…

Download Attached File

All Done! Enjoy Apps Everywhere.

01 March 2014

Video: How to Crack Password Protected Zip Files Using Fcrackzip

fcrackzip Well After an long time, Today We are back with an exciting post on How to Crack Password Protected Zip Files using Fcrackzip with an Video Tutorial. Thus Fcrackzip is an zip password cracker, similar to fzc, zipcrack and others. This software is totally free to use and apply in seconds. I have seen many zipcrackers I found were able to find the passwords, either they didn't accept more than one zipfile, were awfully slow, or didn't do brute force attacks (which I needed), So Fcrackzip is all about doing things at perfect. Therefore lets learn more about it and watch the video carefully!

Top Features of Fcrackzip

  • FREE

    It doesn't cost anything, it will run on many architectures, and the source is freely available, so you can customise it to your needs. If you make improvements, don't hesitate to mail them to me, and I will include them in fcrackzip!

    One goal of fcrackzip was to provide a free but still fast zipcracker, so that other people can improve and contribute it further, in an open developement style.

    Other programs, like fzc, come not only without source, but the executable is even encrypted, so improving it or customizing it is difficult at best. (Maybe the programmers of other crackers don't want that people see how crappy their code actually is? Nobody knows for sure, but I see no other reason for this strange, but common, behaviour)

  • FAST

    On my old machine (a pentium-90), the portable C version is 12% slower than fzc, the fastest cracker I could find. Small parts of fcrackzip have been converted to x86 assembly, so it performs a bit faster (around 4%) than fzc now, on the same hardware (note: this is highly os/compiler dependent). Since the author of fzc claims that it is written fully in assembler, further improvements might well be possible. Incidently, on my new P-II machine, fcrackzip is almost twice as fast as fzc ;)


    fcrackzip was written in ISO-C, and should run on most platforms, even 64 bit ones (maybe after some tweaking). I'll be glad to hear about portability problems so I can fix them.


    fcrackzip will, at some later stage at least, support many more useful operation modes than other crackers. It already supports multiple zip files with multiple files. Remember that the code is only a few hours old!

    However, since version 0.2.0 fcrackzip also includes a mode to brute force cpmask'ed images, something no other program (that I know of) can do, so at least there is one feature other crackers don't have.

    And you can always implement your own modes.

Video Tutorial on How to Crack Zip Files Password?

That’s it! Enjoy, Credits- 101hacker

If anyone having any doubts and queries regarding the post, then Please comment below.

15 January 2014

How to Be Anonymous at Internet : Top Ways

being anonymous Well After managing some time today, I am going to write this article! Now a days being a top hacker, its better to be anonymous to view blocked sites or stay un-traced! In simple words, Anonymous means unidentified or unknown. So being it means a lot to a hacker for various purposes, also other people i.e student’s can be anonymous as well to operate blocked sites at Labs, Office etc. There are also many other benefits of it like doing a anony comment or many more. Therefore today I am going to tell you the real ways on How to be Anonymous at Internet. Have a look below.

3 Ways: How to Be Anonymous at Internet

1. Using Proxy

Well a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. In other words, A proxy is an address (IP address) of a Server and acts like a hub etc. We can be anonymous using various proxies. The best advantage of using proxy is that your real IP can be hidden and now work silently. This is also be used for connecting to the internet.

2. TOR Browser

Tor is free software for enabling online anonymity. Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting of more than three thousand relays to conceal a user's location or usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. In simple words, Tor-proxy is a free proxy-server service that Internet users can use to hide their IP address while surfing the Web. I just love TOR.

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3. VPN

Well VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, Basically it’s a private network which lets users to connect to other users or remote sites using a public network usually internet. As per wiki, A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network. It is done by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connection and encryption.

That’s it! Enjoy and Please share this with your friends and Comment…

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