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29 March 2013

Best Vodafone and Airtel 3G + 2G Hack 2013

vodafone hack 2013 Hope that you all are satisfied with my older posts. Now I am back again with a very interesting hacking tricks. This article is very good for Airtel and Vodafone users because in this article you can learn free 3G/2G hack of Airtel and Vodafone. By using these hack tricks you can enjoy your internet both in 2G and 3G speed. You can also download any thing in just few minutes. These tricks are also used by me and my friends but I am not sure that these hacking tricks will work in your region also but you are a very lucky person if these tricks works well in your region. Hope you all will like this article too.

Hack Trick for Vodafone:

Access point - internet
Proxy -
Proxy type - Real Host
Homepage -
By applying these settings you can enjoy the internet in lightning fast speed.Enjoy...

Hack Trick for Airtel:

Proxy -
Port - 80
Homepage - or if have your own other selected free homepage

That's all...

About the Author:

This is Sumit Dadwal from

26 March 2013

Download Ankit Fadia Ethical Hacking Video Tutorial Pack- Certified Ethical Hacker 6.0

ankit fadia hacking pack Well today I am going to present free Ankit Fadia Ethical Hacking - Video Tutorial Pack: Certified Ethical Hacker 6.0 Download Free. In this, you will get Ethical Hacking & Penetration | VTC, Intro To Computer Forensics | VTC and Linux Hacking videos. The size is approximately 2.7 GB and totally awesome. So please must download and watch it to become the best out of hackers world etc.

Download Links:



That’s it! Enjoy…

19 March 2013

Facebook Wall Posting Hack and Upload Images On Other Accounts

facebook wall posting hack Now a days Facebook Wall Posting hack is becoming common at all and here you can upload images as well on any Facebook account using my secret technique. Actually Facebook allows users to post any message on his/her wall using email service without login in into Facebook account. Now here in this wall hacking method you use that same email id of your victim to post your message or any image on his/her Facebook account. That’s it!

How to Post A Status And Upload Images On Any Other Facebook Account Without Permission: Hack

1. First of all visit and here you will see a unique email under "post it by email" That is your unique email. What we are trying to do is getting your victims unique email by social engineering them, I will post an example below in step number 2.

2. Get in contact with your slave. Send him a message saying something like "Hey Can you tell me the email on this page :, I need it so I can upload something via my email." You can create your own method for this. Another method would be using this email spoofer "" and sending them a message filling out the name. For example, From name: Facebook Staff, From email:, etc asking them for the email at

hack facebook password

3. Now once you have SE'd your victims unique email, go to your hotmail/gmail account and send an email to the unique email he gave you. In the subject box is the status you want to come up on his wall, eg; "text here" the main box is for the picture attachment you want to attach, I don't think you can upload more than 1 image per status, you'll have to try it out :). Once you send it, it will appear on his wall, simple as that.

hack facebook password

All Done! Enjoy…

13 March 2013

Facebook OAuth Vulnerability

If anyone can Remember the last OAuth Flaw in Facebook that allows attacker to hijack any account without victim's interaction with any Facebook Application, was reported by white hat Hacker 'Nir Goldshlager'. After that Facebook security team fixed that issue using some minor changes. Now Yesterday Goldshlager once again pwn Facebook OAuth mechanism by bypassing all those minor changes done by Facebook Team. He explains the complete Saga of hunting Facebook bug in a blog post. So please must see.

What is OAuth Vulnerability?

Well OAuth URL contains two parameters i.e. redirect_uri & next, and using Regex Protection (%23xxx!,%23/xxx,/) Facebook team tried to secure that after last patch.

Actually He uses file (used by Facebook to redirect users to external links) to redirect victims to his malicious Facebook application and then to his own server for storing token values, where tokens are the alternate access to any Facebook account without password.


But a warning message while redirecting ruin the show ! No worries, he found that 5 bytes of data in redirection URL is able to bypass this warning message.

Example:; (where 'goldy' is the 5 byte of data used).

Now at the last step, He Redirect the victim to external websites located in (attacker server) via malicious Facebook app created by him and victim's access_token will be logged there also. So here we have the final POC that can hack any Facebook account by exploiting another Facebook OAuth bug and many more.

For Browsers:

Latest News: This bug was also reported to Facebook Security Team last week by Nir Goldshlager and has fixed now. Thanks!

06 March 2013

Know What is Doxing and How to do it?

what-is-doxing Well Doxing is an art of retrieving and hacking other people’s information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card details etc. It may be targeted toward a specific person or an organization also. in layman’s terms, Doxing is the process of searching around on the Internet for someone’s personal details and that’s it!

…………The term “Doxing” derives from “document tracing” which means to gather documents on a particular person or company to learn more about them. According to me, Doxing is more like social engineering – gathering information on someone using publicly available sources.

If you seriously want to do Doxing, I think Social networking website is the best, safe and fastest way to find the user details as many users provide their information there. After finding some details such as date of births, mobile No, birth place, school and college name, you can apply social engineering tricks to break the password. Keep Note- Most of the people use their mobile numbers and date of births as a Password.

The another way to find the user details is Google, Yes you can also find some personal details on Google by searching the emails/names on Google etc.

All Done! Have a Nice Day and don’t forgot to share this information.


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