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27 October 2011

Get 3G Speed in 2G plans - Nokia Switching Network Techniques In All Operators

Wow! Its KrackoWorld official technique of hacking 3G in 2G plans for all operators like Aircel,Tata DoCoMo,Airtel,Reliance,Bsnl and Vodafone. Last night I am surfing 2G in my Nokia C6 phone and suddenly switched my network to UMTS and you will be shocked to know I am getting 3G signals along with 3G speed(around 75% of 3G speeds). Then I tried this scheme in all operators and worked 100% successfully. This trick or we can say hack is working best with Aircel.

Procedure of this trick

Note- This trick is for Nokia Mobiles only because they support Switching the gears(Network) technique.

1. First connect your phone with Nokia pc suite or ovi software in GSM mode(2G mode).
2. After your Nokia modem gets connected successfully to the internet, adopt this trick given below-
                  Go to menu-settings-phone-network and change GSM to UMTS.
3. Done! you have hacked 3G and always make sure to change to GSM after disconnecting your phone to PC etc..

PS: Please make sure while you connect next time your phone to PC, the phone must be in 2G mode and after get connected, switch to 3G otherwise your balance will be deducted according to 3G plans.

Enjoy na! Please pass your comments…

Concept Of Network Hacking and Tools Used

Network Hacking generally means gathering information about domain by using tools like Telnet, NslookUp, Ping, Tracert, Netstat etc. It also includes OS Fingerprinting, Port Scanning and Port Surfing using various tools. Therefore, Below I am telling about 4 tools with their definition along with example to clarify things b/w you.

1. Ping :- Ping is part of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) which is used to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks. So, Ping is basically a command that allows you to check whether the host is alive or not.
To ping a particular host the syntax is (at command prompt)--


example:- c:/>ping

2. Netstat :- It displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections. i.e. local address, remote address, port number, etc.
It's syntax is (at command prompt)--

c:/>netstat -n

3. Telnet :- Telnet is a program which runs on TCP/IP. Using it we can connect to the remote computer on particular port. When connected it grabs the daemon running on that port.
The basic syntax of Telnet is (at command prompt)--


By default telnet connects to port 23 of remote computer.
So, the complete syntax is-

c:/>telnet port

example:- c:/>telnet 21 or c:/>telnet 21

4. Tracert :- It is used to trace out the route taken by the certain information i.e. data packets from source to destination.
It's syntax is (at command prompt)--


example:- c:/>tracert


Here "*    *    *    Request timed out." indicates that firewall installed on that system block the request and hence we can't obtain it's IP address.
various attributes used with tracert command and their usage can be viewed by just typing c:/>tracert at the command prompt.
The information obtained by using tracert command can be further used to find out exact operating system running on target system and much more.

That’s it! This chapter is over…

10 October 2011

Learn How to Hack MySpace Accounts

myspace-logoMySpace is a a commonly used social networking site which allows people to interact and share messages with one another. Acc. to Alexa, Its number comes after Facebook and Twitter. MySpace is made up for all starting from a teenager to an adult mainly. Hackers are very much interested in hacking MySpace accounts as for fun and joy! Therefore, today I am going to tell you that how to hack MySpace accounts with usernames plus passwords via keylogging and Phishing attack etc..

1. Keylogging

I am not sharing this topic here as you can find this at my another post on Sniperspy keylogger here. I hope you understand due to lack of time.

2. Phishing Attack

As you all know about Phishing- an art of fooling someone by showing him fake login pages also know as spoofed pages which resembles the property of original looking like page etc.. For this Phishing attack to perform, first I suggest to read out my previous post on Phishing here. Once you understand the concept then just download MySpace Phishing Page here which was not found in precious article and thus apply in your real world entities.
Note- The only change you have to do is after downloading the pages, open fake page in WordPad and search for-

name="email" value=""

and replace with your email address where you want to retrieve usernames and passwords.
As I told earlier, upload both the pages to one of the webhosting accounts like, or and send the fake login page url to your victims and enjoy hacking.

09 October 2011

Airtel 3G Hacked 2011 - Proxy Tricks

Hurray, I have almost covered all the available 3G hacks of popular companies like Tata DoCoMo, BSNL, Vodafone and now Airtel itself. I wish all of you are enjoying it very much because today is the world of super fast internet know as 3G. Below is hack for airtel by means of proxy setting but first have an quick view on our other 3G hacks in the past time -
                                                     1. Tata DoCoMo 3G hack 
                                                     2. BSNL 3G hack
                                                     3. Vodafone 3G hack

Airtel Proxy settings

Proxy – or or

Port – 8080


Homepage –


Hack 3G in Vodafone

Its being an month ago when I was getting requests for free 3G on Vodafone from my readers but the only problem was that Vodafone has been slightly strict about their GPRS. By searching a lot I have comed out with this trick below.This Vodafone 3g hack has been tested on many mobiles and found out to be effective and 100% working. You can also Use Modded Opera Mini for this trick .

Settings For Vodafone Free GPRS [mobile]

Account Name : Vodafone_gprs
Homepage :
User Name: (not required)
Password :(not required)
Access Point Settings:[ to be configured in mobile,if not already given]
Proxy: Enabled
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 9401
Data Bearer: Packet Data
Bearer Settings: [to be setup in mobile]
Packet Data Access Point: portalnmms
Network type: IPV4
Authentication: normal

PS: After configuring these settings in your Vodafone mobile,Please restart your device and access free 3g internet. Enjoy…!

08 October 2011

Video Tutorial on Yahoo Account Hacking By Means of Cookie Stealing Script

Well here comes the another video on Yahoo account Hacking by Cookie stealing technique (script). All you have to sit down and watch it carefully. Below is the contents used in Video :- * Basics of attack .
* Definition of session cookies
* Why only yahoo accounts mainly 
* Stealing session cookies
* Using stolen cookies to access yahoo account without credentials
* Demonstration of attack using two different browsers etc..


1. First of all download the script from here and
2. Then watch the tutorial below to know that how to apply the script in Yahoo and snatch back the usernames and passwords of your victims properly.

Special Credits to ExploreHacking who makes this video possible.

Any Comments are Welcomed @

07 October 2011

Contribute Something to KrackoWorld And Take Rewards

Well its being over more than 200 articles that has been written on KrackoWorld over last 1 Year. Managing time and expenditure for that is something quite difficult to do for me as I am an student also. Its my own pocket money from which will take care of my site or blog. At this blog, I have putted my whole potential to bring the best thing available to you for free of cost like EBooks, Quality posts, Software's etc. As you all know that recently KrackoWorld has purchased an .com domain by which its hosting becomes more tougher & tougher. So I requested all my readers to contribute something to KrackoWorld in terms of money via PayPal, Liberty Reserve etc..

How to Contribute and take part in the development of KrackoWorld ?

1. All you can donate us via PayPal by clicking on the button provided by us below every post or can send money directly to us at

2. You can also send other currencies in dollars,euros,gold to us via Liberty Reserve account at my Account number-  U2870856

3. If you wanna let to donate via other means of source, please put in the comment box below. Then I will manage it.

Rewards to Contributors-

1. You will considered as golden member of this site and provided free EBooks,software's,tricks written by me and other author in future.

2. Direct communication or talk with us for any type of help or business solutions by giving you my own personal number and v-card.

3. Quick access to their comments at every posts.

4. If you have an website or blog, you will be also provided link backs at this page for increasing page rank, traffic etc..

Thanks ! God helps those who helps other…

What is Shoulder Surfing and Guessing ?

At our site, there are many topics which are discussed commonly here like phishing,keylogging,cookie stealing,JavaScript etc. but today I am going to discuss 2 other methods which are also responsible for hacking and cracking of passwords. One is Shoulder surfing and other is Guessing mainly.

1. Shoulder Surfing

When you type your password make sure that there is no one behind you attempting to peak and seeing what you are typing. If there is, turn around and warn him/her to not to do it again or wait until he goes from that particular place. Also, make sure you don’t keep any sticky notes laying around that have your password or password hints on them.

2. Guessing

To prevent this attack from happening, never use a password like your birth date, your mobile number, your mother’s maiden name, your pets name, your spouse’s name, or anything that someone may be able to guess easily. Also note- Never use passwords with orderwise digits, for ex – 12345678 etc..


05 October 2011

Hack 3G in BSNL Operator

After sharing an post on Hack DoCoMo 3g, Here is an another hack for the bsnl 3g at a very high speed.follow the following steps for free gprs.
1. Recharge your 2G SIM with Rs 1 to convert it to 3G SIM and use them for free hours
2. Check the balance by dialing *123#, the message will show that your GPRS free usage is ZERO MB
3. Now recharge again with Rs 1 to convert in to 2G SIM
4. Now recharge with Rs 274 for unlimited GPRS usage for 2G SIM
5. Now again recharge with Rs 1 to convert in to 3G SIM
6. That's it You have hacked your BSNL 3G for unlimited browsing check the GPRS free usage by dialing *123# it will show 1250000 MB free usage. OR use This- 1. First make your home page 2. Now go to network settings- select operator selection- select- manually- Now it will search 4 operators n finally u will see Bsnl3G at top n all others below. Now select any other operator except BSNL3G..let it be select Airtel It will tell u No Access and your network will disappear. Now again select BSNL3G Now suddenly press n hold”0” key Or open your web home page Please do it first..u have 15seccs Now wait after 30secs…voilla…you are now free to browse n download anything.. Use access point as bsnlnet or bsnlwap Apply d same process again n again..if u r closing web n trying to open again.. Each time it will cost u 0.01paisa…

How to Unblock Hidden Themes in Windows 7 ?

As you all know Windows 7 is a 64-bit windows with superior graphics and high resolution.Surfing wallpapers,games and themes on it makes a lot of fun.Windows 7 has been a real delight for the eyes due to its excellent graphics.Therefore,today we will unblock its some of the hidden themes using a simple trick or code.By default Windows 7 has 5 themes enabled for all countries but there are additional themes which are country specific and enabled according to your demographic location.Here i will show you how to enable/unlock the country specific hidden themes in windows 7.Once enabled these themes will always be available to you.The best method is explained here on our Site.It enable these hidden themes…
1.Open Notepad
2.Copy and Paste the following code into it. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\InstalledThemes\MCT] “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-AU\\Theme\\AU.theme”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-CA\\Theme\\CA.theme”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-GB\\Theme\\GB.theme”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-US\\Theme\\US.theme”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-ZA\\Theme\\ZA.theme”=”” [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Wallpapers\KnownFolders\Windows Wallpapers\MergeFolders] “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-AU\\Wallpaper”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-CA\\Wallpaper”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-GB\\Wallpaper”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-US\\Wallpaper”=”” “%windir%\\Globalization\\MCT\\MCT-ZA\\Wallpaper”=””

3.Save it with the name allregional.reg
4.Now double click on it.It will ask for your permission to add the file to registry.Click on Yes. 5.Right click on desktop and select personalize.You new themes will be available to you.

That’s it! Enjoy.

01 October 2011

RATS- Overview,Types and Countermeasures

RAT stands for “Remote Administration Tool”. It’s very similar to a Trojan. Once a RAT is installed in a computer the attacker can do almost anything on the remote computer such as installing a keylogger, controlling a computer, infecting files etc.. Some of the commonly used rats are ProRat, Cybergate and many more. Below is the brief description of ProRat and how to use it ? plus some countermeasures from getting hacked by it. 

PRORAT- My Favorite

ProRat is a Remote administration tool (RAT). ProRat opens a port on infected computer which allows the client to perform various operations on the infected computer. Once ProRat is installed on a computer it’s very difficult to remove it without an updated Antivirus program. Below I will show the procedure which a hacker will take to take control of victims computer using ProRat.
1. First of all download ProRat. The password of the zip file will be “Pro”.
2. Disable your Antivirus before using ProRat and Once you have downloaded it launch the program. You will see the following screen below:-

3. Click on the Create button at bottom to create the Trojan file and choose the Create ProRat server.
4. Put your IP address in the IP(DNS) Address box so the server could connect you.
5. Now open Notifications at the sidebar and select the second option “Mail
Notifications”.Here you will an email address “” change this to the email address where you want to receive notifications when the server is installed into your victims computer.
6. Now click on the General Setting option. Enter the server port you would like to connect through. Enter the server password, you will be asked for server password when the victim gets infected and you would like to connect to them and then choose the victim name. You can also tick the “Give a fake error” message option when the victim will open the server he will get a fake error message which you configure making victim think that the file is damaged or corrupted.
7. Click on Bind with file on the sidebar. You can bind it with a text document or any other file you may increase chances of victim to click it.
8. Now Click on Server extensions option. Here you can change the desired extension. I will use EXE because it has Icon support or you can also use SCR too it also has icon support too.
9. Now Click on server Icon and choose the desired icon you would like to display for the server and click on Create server.
Now you have successfully created a server. The hacker could rename it something like “Funny joke” and sent it via email attachment or alternatively the hacker could upload it to webhosting site and just ask the victim to manually download it. Once the victims runs the
server on his/her computer he will get an error message which I configured in the general settings tab.
The server gets installed silently in the computer background and the hacker will be sent a notification to the email address he described in the notification tab whenever the victim is infected.


There are a couple things you can do to prevent yourself from being infected by the malware discussed in this post.
1. Make sure you have good and up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your computer. Also if there is an automatic update option on your anti-virus software, make sure it is enabled.
2. Make sure you have a firewall installed on your computer and make sure that it is actually enabled. Firewalls protect against unauthorized inbound and outbound connections.



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