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31 March 2012

How To Prevent Email Account From SPAM

Hi friends,Most of us get SPAM every day. Some of us get more and some little. Even a newly created email account will begin to receive spam just after a few days of it’s creation. Many times we wonder where these spam come from and why? But this question remains unanswered within ourselves.

27 March 2012

How To Access Blocked Social Networking Sites?

Hi friend,Is you school, college or office blocking you from getting on social network sites like Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, etc? Here’s few ways you can bypass the restrictions and surf like normal, but please check with your local authorities before using them. We will not held any responsibility if you’ve breach the regulations of any.

Using IP Instead Of URL
  1. This depends on the software/application used. Sometimes blocked sites are stored as a list of URLs (eg.,,etc) and typing the IP instead of the URL might sometimes work. In a local computer, doing a ping command in Command Prompt (Mac users use Terminal) will return you the IP address. You can also do it online via

23 March 2012

How To See Deleted Or Unavailable Pictures On Facebook

 Hi friends,As you all know that facebook is the largest community in the world along 800 millions users.People use facebok for making friends and want to see their pictures.But some time they deleted the pictures because they are deleted by the user.Now the question arise How can we see others deleted pictures on facebook.Dont worry friends.Facebook photos can be seen even after the deletion. And you can see the private pics of other users.

22 March 2012

Airtel Prepaid 10 Paise Per Minute Call

Hi friends,How are you.After my previous post today I’m going to reveal the trick of The booster pack.. Airtel to Airtel 10 Paise and other mobile 30 paise for 2 Months validity..

Its absolutely free of cost..

15 March 2012

Recharge Mobile Using ATM Card

Hello friends,This is my second post on krackoworld.I hope you like my previous post .Today I am going to show you how you can recharge your mobile phone online using ATM card.

Many time to recharge your cell phone,dth,data card and other useful service you have to go nearest recharge shop and sometimes you have to wait a long time for recharge which is very embarrassing.So today I am going to post a online recharge website which is fully secured and you can enjoy to recharge online without wasting your time.

How to Find Fake Email Address?

Hello Friends,Daily we got almost 100's of fake emails,Like in Spam folder.A php script can mail you from any email address.Also from your own email address.Strange ?But its true.So today I am going to post a very informative article on How To Find Fake Email Address.With time to time people creates many fake email id's, for its fun,hacking and other purpose,which creates a bunch of troubles to thousand of peoples.So detection of  fake email id's is very important because hackers are always looking to use the Fake Email ID'S to get personal information of a victims.There are several techniques to identify fake email id's.

Email Address Checker:-

Email Address Checker is well known email IDs checker which identify the the validity of any kind of emails IDs. All you need to do is type the email IDs in the box and press ‘Check’ button. Within a moment it displays the validity of email IDs.
Visit : Click Here

Put the email Id you want to scan in check box and click on check for processing:-

Click on info button to find the email is true or false

Click on Result and see the result that is email is valid or not

Voillaaa !!! Email is valid and also in good use.This is the demo that how you can find fake emails.Copy the email id in your scam box and put it in scanner box and find the result

About The Author

This article has been written by-Sunil Thakur
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10 March 2012

Facebook Hacked! Victim of DDOS Attack

facebook shuts downI thing all of you are aware of DDOS attack mainly and considered as one of the commonly used method for website hacking etc. In DDOS attack, The attacker launches the attack using several machines. In this case, an attacker breaks into several machines, or coordinates with several zombies to launch an attack against a target or network at the same time. This makes it difficult to detect because attacks originate from several IP addresses. If a single IP address is attacking a company, it can block that address at its firewall. If it is 30000 this is extremely difficult.

What happens to Facebook in Europe recently?

Recently at 18:00 AM 8/03/2012 , Facebook falls under this attack in most of the countries like Europe, France, Germany, Russia and South Africa where its servers becomes irresponsible and service gets temporarily down for some time (approximate for 2 hours). Third parties suggested a problem with Facebook's European DNS servers may have been at the root. These machines connect the address "" with the actual content of the website, and during the outage attempts to contact to them as normal received no response.

DownRightNow, which monitors major web services, showed Facebook having suffered ongoing intermittent service until mid-afternoon.CERT. Be, a Belgian government agency, claimed that the outage was due to a DDOS hacker attack, but this has not been confirmed.

Latest Facebook Security Update-

The issue has been now fully resolved and everyone should have access to Facebook. We apologies for any inconvenience occurred.

That’s it!

09 March 2012

John the Ripper- Intro and How to Use?

Download John the RipperIn my previous post on Top Hacker Tools 2011 I just highlighted what is John the Ripper but today we are going deep and learn how to use it after downloading. So lets start with its definition first. John the Ripper is a free password cracking software tool, Initially developed for the UNIX operating system, but it currently runs on fifteen different platforms (eleven architecture-specific flavors of Unix, DOS, Win32, BeOS, and OpenVMS). It is one of the most popular password testing and breaking programs as it combines a number of password crackers into one package, auto detects password hash types, and includes a customizable cracker. It can be run against various encrypted password formats including several crypt password hash types most commonly found on various Unix flavors (based on DES, MD5, or Blowfish), Kerberos AFS, and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 LM hash.

Types of Attacks-

John the Ripper can perform mainly 2 types of attacks mentioned below-

1. Dictionary attacks
2. Brute Force mode


Now its available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X types of operating system. To download it, please refer to its official website at here.

That’s it! All the best…

08 March 2012

Hacking Facebook Fan Pages through Exploit

How to hack Facebook Fan pageThere is nothing much more interesting than hacking Facebook Fan Pages at the hands from our home. Fan pages means the pages of an celebrity, website or any organization etc. Although Facebook has an huge security over it but we can hack it through a simple exploit with its key as given below. So carefully read the tutorial and sit down properly.

What we need to hack Facebook Fan Page:

1. An exploit
2. Free web hosting site
3. Key to run the exploit
4. Your Facebook Email id

Procedure for hacking Facebook Fan page:

1. First of all download Facebook hacking exploit from here.
2. After downloading, open and extract all the files inside(2 files).
3. Now open pagehack.js and some some necessary changes as given below-

Search for and replace it with your Facebook email id.

4. Now Upload the first pagehack.js file to any free webhosting site like, etc.
5. After uploading, check the root of your pagehack.js file and copy it.
6. Now its time to make changes in your second key for pagehack.txt file as given below-

Open and replace with your pagehack.js root in your free webhosting site to link both files properly to each other.

7. After making changes to key for pagehack.txt, simply upload it to same webhosting site along with paghack.js file.
8. Now copy the JavaScript as mentioned in the Key for pagehack.txt file and send it to your victims and ask him to paste in your browser and see the magic or something else.
9. Immediately after your victims do it, he/she will be successfully hacked.
10. That’s it! You have hacked Facebook fan page by yourself. Enjoy!!!

Note- KrackoWorld is not responsible for any kind of damage you done by this script as this is made for the educational purposes only.

07 March 2012

Latest Tata DoCoMo 3G/3.5G HSDPA Hack 2012

tata docomo 3.5 HackWell! This is my second post on Tata DoCoMo 3G hack. In this post, I am going to tell you an latest working trick of Tata DoCoMo 3G hack which consists of high speed downloading though HSDPA. Actually for the past 3 months due to 3G data hack, Now Tata DoCoMo has banned or blocked 3g Signals along with 2G plans. Hence if we get 3G signals in 2G plan we can use our mobile for 3G surfing. So lets get back to 3G signals again.

Procedure for Tata DoCoMo 3.5G hack (High speed downloading)

1. First of all activate an 3G plan in DoCoMo worth Rs 11.

2. Now immediately activate any 2G plan of Rs 15, 69 etc. It depends upon your usage. Note- choose and activate only 1 plan.

3. That’s it! Now switch to UMTS in phone settings and you will get your 3G signals again with 2G plan. To check your usage, type *111*1# with your mobile keypad.

4. Hence connect your mobile to pc along with 3G signals and you will get 3G high speed downloading + surfing again and the good thing is that the usage will deduct from 2G data in MBs or KBs etc.

Enjoy! Please pass your comments below na…Anyways, Happy Holi to all my Indian Friends.

Bypass Cyberoam Security–TOR Browser

Crack Cyberoam SecurityCyberoam is a network security company of New Jersey, United States which secures you from malicious/restricted websites in easy manner. It is same as Windows Firewall and generally used in Colleges/school computers. It comes along with a software of them and by installing it, you can manually select or deselect that websites which you want to display or not. for e.g Facebook etc. Therefore in this post, we are going to crack its security by simply accessing blocked sites through a anonymous proxy web browser named as TOR Browser below:

Steps to Crack Cyberoam Security and access blocked sites very easily:

1. First of all download and install TOR Browser from its official site here. It is also available for MAC and other users.

2. Now after extracting all files inside, open its main TOR exe file properly.

3. Click on the following button and run the browser.

4. Please be patient because TOR Browser takes 2 mins to open with its full features.

5. Now it opens with Mozilla Firefox skin and you can access restricted sites very easily.

6. That’s it! Enjoy…

Also Note: You can also use some other anonymous proxy sites such as Kproxy, and many more instead of installing TOR Browser in your PC.

04 March 2012

Top 20 Countries that host Cyber Crime mostly 2011

I think all of you are aware of Cyber Crime but you don't know the top countries who mostly do it. Now a days it is increasing very fast and according to a world survey, it was found that most of the crime was done in US mainly. Therefore, we have to be alert every time at every moment. Lets have an look what Patrik Runald has to say about it- “More malicious content is being hosted in Canada than ever before,” said Patrik Runald, senior manager of Security Research, Websense. “Cyber criminals are taking advantage of Canada’s clean cyber reputation, and moving shop. We’re seeing all time highs for both hosted phishing sites and bot networks. It is important for Canadian citizens to be extra vigilant on the Internet, taking extra precautions when clicking on links.” Below is a simple pie chart of top 20 Countries where cyber crime is hosted very much:


Prediction by KrackoWorld: In the coming time, Canada will be the prime target of hackers Guaranteed!

Note to Indians- Thank god! that our country India has not comes under top 10…Hurrey

Thats it!



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