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01 October 2012

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How to Secure Your Networking System from Hackers?

demoWho can disrupt your business more than hackers? They are the unethical PC terrorists who peruse the web world for networks having no or little security. Once a weak networking system is encountered by them, they intrude into your PC through that and steal all your confidential data and information. Hackers get a kind of pleasure in attacking your network and bringing your business to the knees.

But is there any way you can deal with these hackers. Yes, there is…Here are some preventive measures to guard your network system from the unethical hackers.

Steps to Have a Safer Network:


This tests help to identify the vulnerable aspects of your network that are easily accessible by internal as well as external users. Once you identify these loopholes, you can stop the attacks of the external sources and also correct all the pitfalls which may act as the entry point for intruders to your network. In order to know all the susceptible points, you have to conduct the test from external and internal perspectives.


If your firewall is not properly configured, it can be open up greater chances for the intruders. Hence, you should make the settings such a way that traffic enters you network through firewall. Security to your business is maintained when you configure the firewall according to the safety aspects of an organization. Analyze the traffic and component of firewall at regular intervals to have complete security.


You must have the right scanning program for identifying each and every entry point through the internet into your network. These are the weakest points through which hackers can easily attack your networking system. Don’t think that identifying these points is a simple task. You are advised to seek the assistance of proficient ethical hackers whose special training on network security can perform the task successfully.


Every user must be well aware of the network security breach and the requisite security measures that need to be taken to fight this risk. For this, you should adopt the right steps and minimize the risk. Unless the users are totally aware of some of the important factors pertaining to network security, you cannot guarantee the protection in its true sense.


Example, test and the default pages are the den for hackers through which they hack the whole network. These pages should be taken special care so that you can identify the vulnerable points in these pages. It is better that you delete such pages from your network.


Only having an antivirus software program will not do. You have to update it from time to time so that threats are detected easily and your system and network both remains safe. Any updated antivirus program or intrusion detected program can even detect the latest virus entering your network.

These are some of the steps that can let you have a secured networking system. So, don’t wait until you are attacked.

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