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05 May 2013

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Tips to Improve the security of your WordPress Blog and Make Bullet Proof

wordpress security tips Well Security is not really a massive issue until your blog starts becoming popular. If you start receiving a decent amount of traffic, your blog will become the target of online malcontents. Traffic may be turned into cash online via a large number of various (and sometimes nefarious) routes. It is good practice to start as you mean to go on and introduce blog security from the outset. Here are some tips that anyone can use, even if you are not technically/programmatically trained.

Best Tips to Make WordPress Blogs More Secure-

Make regular backups of your blog
Even with the most diligent security measures of all time, you still cannot guarantee that your blog is never going to be compromised. So, you need to make a backup of your blog on a regular/routine basis so that you may use the same data again if you need to “set up shop” elsewhere. You need to back up your theme directory. You need to back up your database, and then most importantly, you need to back up your WordPress uploads folder. This is the part of your blog that holds all of your blog content and images.
You may save all of this data on the cloud, or on your local hard drive. It doesn’t matter which, just so long as you have a backup copy.
Hide your WordPress blog version
WordPress update their system every now and again, and each major update is known as a version (they are numbered). You need to hide what version you are using. You must do this because it makes a hacker’s life harder.
As time goes on, hackers will learn how to break into each version of WordPress. They will know which tools work, and which malware will slip through any WordPress security. When WordPress create a new version, then the hackers have to start again. If you do not update your WordPress, then hackers can keep using the same old techniques.
If you hide what version you are using, then the hacker will not know which tools and methods will work when they try to break into your blog. They will have to try them all, which will take longer, and give you the edge. You can do this manually, but it is a pain, and you may have to adjust the code again when you update your WordPress. So, it is easier to just use a plugin and allow that to do it for you.
Always Keep your WordPress CMS up to date
You must do this for the same reason you must hide your WordPress version. Hackers will eventually learn how to break into older WordPress versions. They have to start from scratch when your WordPress is updated. The longer you wait to update, then the higher the probability that a hacker will find his/her way into your blog.
Restrict the number of allowed login attempts
Another technique used by hackers is called cracking (also known as a brute force attack). A computer program is run that tries different passwords on your blog. It will try every password possible until it eventually finds the one that works. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of millions of passwords, but computers work so fast that they can plough through hundreds of thousands of passwords per day. If you restrict the number of login attempts with a plugin, then there is no way a program could try millions of passwords.
Make your password stronger and longer
Some hackers are clever enough to get around your failed login plugins, and are able to set their cracking programs onto your WordPress blog. In this case, all you need to do is make sure it takes so long to crack your password, that you will have changed it by the time they come close. This is why you should change your password every 72 days.
The longer the password is, then the more password combinations the cracking program is going to have to use. This is also true if the password is more complex.
Change your original user name
Many accounts start with a default user name, and this poses a risk because that user name is the first one that a hacker is going to try if he/she tries a brute force attack. Change it when you first start your blog, and turn it into something more personal.

Author's Bio: Kate Funk coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills at Tutortop.
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