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26 May 2014

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Latest Backtrack Hacking Video Tutorials- GET DVD

backtrack videos After my B.Tech 3rd Year (6th SEM) Exams, Its my first post on krackoworld’s. Today I am giving you a gift video package related to latest Backtrack version. This includes nice collection of hacking videos using backtrack such as SQL injection, phone phreaking, wireless hacking, website hacking, network interfacing and many more etc. So what are you waiting for, just download the DVD from the below given link and start learning in details. Note- Please install utorrent or bitcomet software to download this torrent, So lets check out some of its ingredients. Have a look and Enjoy…

Videos Included in this DVD-

  • Episode 1 – Learn Network Hacking – Arp Poisoning
  • Episode 2 – Wireless Hacking – Cracking WEP
  • Episode 3 – Wireless Hacking – DeAuth
  • Episode 5 – Lock Picking – Bump Key
  • Episode 6 – Phone Phreaking – Beige Box
  • Episode 7 – Phone Phreaking/Network Hacking – Sniffing VOIP
  • Episode 8 – Lock Picking – DIY Padlock Shims
  • Episode 9 – Lock Picking – Mult-Disc Combo Locks
  • Episode 10 – Hacking Basics – MD5
  • Episode 11 – Website Hacking – Sql Injection
  • Episode 12 – Hacking Basics – Backtrack
  • Episode 13 – Website Hacking – XSS
  • Episode 14 – Staying Secure – SSH Tunnel
  • Episode 15 – Modding – Xbox Softmod
  • Episode 16 – Wireless Hacking – Cracking WPA
  • Episode 17 – Triple Boot – Windows, Backtrack, & Ubuntu
  • Episode 18 – Local Password Cracking
  • Episode 19 – Lock Picking Basics
  • Episode 20 – Ettercap
  • Episode 21 – XSS Tunnel
  • Episode 22 – Playstation 2 Softmod
  • Episode 23 – Cracking WEP Update
  • Episode 24 – Bypass Hotspot’s Access Controls
  • Underground – Install Backtrack 3 on USB
  • Underground – CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery)
  • Underground – Alternate Data Streams
  • Underground – Local File Inclusion
  • Underground – Windows Privilege Escalation
  • Underground – Bluetooth Hacking
  • Underground – VMWare
  • Underground – Fix Google Mail Enumerator
  • Underground – Home Made Lock Picks
  • Underground – Downfalls of Anti-Virus Software Part 2
  • Underground – Downfalls of Anti-Virus Software
  • Underground – Evilgrade
  • Underground – Trojan Basics
  • Underground – Manipulating Windows User ***s
  • Underground – Combine Files
  • Underground – Password Phishing
  • Underground – Windows SMB Relay Exploit
  • Underground – Application Patching
  • Underground – Metasploit Autopwn
  • Underground – Email Spoofing
  • Underground – Introduction
  • Extracting Database Information from Information_Schema
  • FPGA MD5 Cracker
  • Arduino ARP Cop
  • Email Injection
  • Ping of Death
  • DNS Spoofing with Virtual Hosts
  • Bypass Cisco Clean Access & Cisco NAC Appliance
  • Dual Boot – Windows & Backtrack
  • Sql Injection Challenge How-to
  • How to use Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG in Backtrack 2
  • Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Cisco VPN Client etc.


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