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28 December 2011

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PC Data Recovery Tips and Tricks

PC Data Recovery Tips and Tricks

Data loss happens for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes there is a mechanical error and a drive fails. Occasionally, the computer gets shaken, dropped or worse. While there are other things that can lead to a loss of valuable data from your PC, one of the most common causes is accidental deletion, meaning human error.

Whatever the reason for your data loss, we understand that it stinks. The good news is that more often than not, you can get your data back. The bad news is that it may not be easy. The following tips and tricks should help you if you ever find yourself in need of recovering some data.

1.) Don’t Panic.

Depending on why you may need data recovered, panicking and trying to access your data could cause more harm than good. Take a deep breath and go from there.

2.) Try a powerful software data recovery solution first.

This only works if your PC still works. If there has been a mechanical error or an accident that caused physical damage to your computer, this may not work. Often, however, if you have accidentally deleted a file or have suddenly discovered that some files and folders have gone missing this could work.

Since you don’t want to keep writing on the disk where the missing files live, and risk overwriting your data, you should go with one powerful product like PCKeeper. You want the best odds of getting your data back while downloading or installing as little new software as possible.

3.) Shop around and ask questions.

If you don’t get results with PCKeeper, or are unable to try a software solution, you can use a data recovery service. Before you send it in, however, keep in mind that these services vary greatly in prices and what they offer.

Call multiple services and ask questions about more than just pricing. You want to know how long service takes. Ask if they use clean rooms. Find out how they intend on getting the data back to you. See how long the whole process will take. Ask if you are charged regardless of whether or not any data is recovered. Finally, ask if you can send in your PC or drive for a free estimate to know how much may be recoverable and what it is going to cost you.


When you need data recovery for your PC, it can be a scary time. Whether you are hoping to get back your digital home movies or the novel you have been slaving over, you want to get as much of your lost data back as possible. The three tips and tricks here can help to make this process less stressful and less expensive.

To make this even easier, consider downloading PCKeeper now. It is full of great features and functionality including data recovery. This way, in the event that any of your files or folders happen to mysteriously go missing, you have a great way to potentially get them back at your fingertips.


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