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27 December 2011

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PC Clean-up Techniques

PC Clean-up Techniques that Work

You'd be surprised what's hogging hard drive space and gumming up the registry database on your personal computer. If your computer is lagging a little or running remarkably slow, you probably need to give some thought to computer clean up techniques that will work to get your computer in tip top shape again.

Of course, removing spyware can help your personal computer run more quickly. Doing a spyware scan can help you detect and remove any spyware that has installed itself on your computer. Of course, most people don't want to have spyware on their computer anyway, so scanning for spyware and getting it removed can kill two birds with one stone, protecting your privacy as you get software off your computer that is using computer resources and causing it to drag.

Another important thing you can do to clean-up your personal computer, is delete multiple instances of a particular file from your hard drive. If you have duplicate files, the duplicates are just sitting there taking up space and loading your computer down with extra baggage. Removing duplicate files can get your computer running faster and more smoothly.

Use a disk clean-up tool to free up space on your hard drive. Freeing up space on your hard drive will help your computer run more efficiently. Empty the recycle bin on your computer and remove temporary files on your hard drive. Your disk clean-up tool will notify you about software programs and files on your hard drive that you can remove if you so choose, the hasten the speed of your computer. If there are optional Windows components that are not useful to you, delete them, for example. Get rid of programs that you installed that you no longer use.


Defragmentation of your PC can also help you clean it up and get it running more smoothly. Files may be fragmented and stored in separated locations on your computer. These fragmented files must be pieced back together by your computer whenever you go to use them, slowing your computer down significantly. If you do defragmentation (otherwise known as “defrag”) to clean up and reorganize the files on your computer, this will speed up your computer's overall speed.

Keeping your PC clean can save you tons of time as your computer ages. Computers need to have regular clean-ups in order to continue functioning in tip-top shape. In order to keep your computer running like it did when you first purchased it, do regular defragmentation and clean-up, checking it for spyware to free up resources on your computer as well as protect your privacy.


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