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22 December 2011

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Antispyware Freeware Review

Spyware, a real threat that can overwhelm you!
As its name says it all, the word “spyware” refers to undercover software, which is spread by advertising agencies to spy on you. Spyware is also recognized as “adware”. Spyware is basically malicious software, which gets installed on your computer inevitably. Some of the advertising agencies use spyware to lure you into purchasing their software. A spyware usually shows you false pop-ups and fake error messages, which seem to be quite genuine to attract you, so that you can click on them.
The fake error messages or pop-ups usually appear as banners, ads, apps and so on. Once you click on any of the pop-ups, you are taken to the malicious website. Some types of spyware can even record what keys you type on your keyboard. In order to avoid spyware infections, you have to install anti-spyware.

Why anti-spyware is important?

Most of the anti-spyware software offers real-time protection that can block spyware installation. In addition, anti-spyware programs are capable enough to track your web surfing activities, and lock your browser, so that it can’t be changed by spyware. The anti-spyware techniques come in very handy for online surfing that is why, anti-spyware programs are recommended to download. Here are some free anti-spyware programs for Mac OS X:

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac

Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition is completely free and simple to install on your Mac. It is really very easy to use. It keeps your Mac protected from viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and worms, without even affecting the processing speed of the system. Best thing about Sophos Anti-Virus is that it offers comprehensive anti-virus solutions. You receive top quality 24/7 business-grade protection support from SophosLabs experts. Sophos just not only protects your system from the known threats, but it also saves you from unknown threats.
Sophos Anti-Virus offers wide range of strong and powerful features that you expect from a top quality paid anti-virus. Sophos efficiency and reliability is well-known, it will not annoy you with unnecessary warnings. Once it’s installed on your Mac, it will quietly run scans in the background. All you need to do is to check it rarely to make sure everything is smooth and on track. It also allows you to run custom scans. So, it totally depends upon you, how you want to use it.

ClamXav for Mac

ClamXav is a free anti-virus program that gives you limited real-time protection against security threats. ClamXav has the ability to scan email attachments and run custom scans. ClamXav supports limited Mac operating systems, such as Tiger, Leopard, Panther, and Jaguar. It is based on ClamAV scanning search engine, which allows it to offer protection against both Intel based and PowerPC systems. ClamXav is best suited for home-based Macs. If you’re a corporate Mac user, then it’s best for you to go for any other free anti-spyware tool, because it offers only limited features. ClamXav might not attract you with complete set of features, but it’s free to download, and worth giving a shot!


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