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29 December 2011

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Advices on How to Uninstall any Software Properly

Simple Tips for Uninstalling Any Software

Sometimes, it is necessary that you remove any software from your system, which you are not using anymore, to get some free space for new software. You always need to install any software before you start working on it, and if you install some new software, then it must not interfere the working of other programs.

Why Uninstalling Software is Necessary?

It is very important that you uninstall software that you are not using, because, if you keep those files, they may also corrupt other files and make your system performance slower and slower. By uninstalling unused software, you can speed up your PC.

When any program is installed on your PC, many changes are made i.e., space is reserved for the addition of new entries into the windows registry etc. Therefore, when a program is uninstalled, lots of changes are made in the system, the same way as done by the installation of any application. And, it is sometimes, difficult for simple computer user to keep track of all these changes. So, for these types of users, third party tools are available in market that offers big ease to them.

There are many companies available that are offering such software installers or uninstallers to provide users the ease of operation.  An uninstaller is a third party program that exactly knows where installed software had made changes. You can specify while using these software the kind of un-installation you want; partial or complete. If you select complete, then it will completely remove the installed files from your system and vice versa. Similarly, there are also such software apps available that provide their own uninstallers along with installers.

How Uninstalling Software Works?

Uninstaller software keeps track of all the software installed on your machine; the changes they made in the registry of your system, in the form of logger. And, in the logger, some lists are available along with all the actions you need to perform at the time of uninstalling a program. These software applications are designed to reverse the installation process. The advantage of this type of software is that there is no chance of mistake that you can commit while uninstalling any software manually.

There is also some supplementary tool facility available in these apps. These supplementary tools in an uninstaller perform little tasks like removing browser history and maintaining backup of your data. Using software uninstaller is considered the safest way to remove any software properly.

  • Backup Windows Registry: It is always suggested that before uninstalling any software, you must keep back up of your windows registry files, because it will save you from many problems.
  • Never Install Any Software, If you are not sure how to uninstall: You should always use such software that have authorized signatures and provide your complete installation guide.
  • Check Reviews: Do not forget to check reviews before choosing any uninstaller, because, there are many such programs available that uninstall any software, but, in the end, they create problems for your computer. Such software is very harmful for your system. Therefore, you should consult software reviews.

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