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27 December 2011

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Free Virus Protection

The Effectiveness of Free Virus Protection

Free Virus Protection software protects computers all over the world from some viruses some of the time. But how effective is it really?

Typically, free virus protection software provides the barest essentials as far as the security of your computer is concerned. Of course, free virus protection software is designed to motivate you to want to purchase more expensive, paid versions of anti-virus software. Free virus protection software will often scan your computer for malware (software that was created with a malicious intent), sometimes automatically, but the free version usually leaves out a variety of desirable features that most people decide that they “need”.

In reality, paid virus protection programs fail to protect computers from viruses 100% of the time, especially as viruses have become more sophisticated over the years. So, even if you pay for virus protection, you won't be completely safe. However, special features included in paid anti-virus software programs that protect Internet users from identity theft is often regarded as valuable. Parental controls to protect children surfing on the Internet often entice people to upgrade. However, these features do not necessarily contribute to virus protection per se. Rather, these features simply add to the value of the product overall, manipulating many would-be free virus protection users into upgrading.

Some free virus protection programs offer features like a firewall and behavioral malware detection software. Behavioral malware detection is an important feature these days. Free virus protection software that has behavioral malware detection is able to determine whether software is malware based on how it behaves on your computer.

Perhaps one of the reasons why people most often choose to go with a paid anti-virus product is because of the technical support. Typically, free virus protection does not come standard with technical support. Some free virus protection software will include email support, but paid virus protection software, in contrast, often comes with 24 hour help that many people feel they need when their computer is infected by a virus. It makes sense that anti-virus software developers would not be able to offer their technical support to people downloading virus protection freebies (because they have to pay people to staff the technical support lines). And it may be worth it to pay extra for this aspect of anti-virus software in some instances. Use your best judgment and take into consideration the way you tend to use your computer when making the decision. Many free virus protection software programs will provide you with the protection you need, as long as you stay smart and stay safe when you search the Internet, avoid sharing CD's, and opening suspicious attachments.

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  1. avg is the most popular free anti virus software i had the pro trial version for 30 days i love it's function but will miss all of it's features when it expire hope to get a pro one or carck one license


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