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19 July 2012

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What to do After Your Cell Phone is Lost or Stolen?

cell phone lostIt could happen anytime. You reach into your pocket and lo and behold, your trusty cell phone is missing. After back-tracking through your activities for the day, it starts coming back to you slowly and then you realize; the last time you had your cell phone was at the club with some friends the night before. There’s a strong possibility that your cell phone is lost or stolen. Now, what to do?

At this point, you have a few viable options:

  1. Use your cell phone finder app to GPS your phone, lock another person out, and find out where it is so you can go and retrieve
  2. Notify your cell phone service provider immediately and hope that you opted for insurance coverage to replace the phone and not get charged for someone else who may have recently been using their phone to call their contacts.
  3. Buy a cheap replacement phone from a local source and hope that it’s unlocked so you can use it right away. Or at least that you can hack into it to get it to work on your plan.
  4. Get really angry and rant on your social media accounts how you are lost without your mobile device and can never replace all the photographic memories and phone numbers you scored from women.

While the first impulse is to jump right to number 4 on this list, the best course of action is trying the options above in order of importance. Rule of thumb with any new mobile phone purchase is to install a security application so that only you can get access to your information. These same apps often give you the option to lock down a lost phone and locate it remotely using GPS services.

Yet, you may have forgotten this technology existed and now you are worried that someone else is using your device now. It’s time to take action by using the house phone (who even has a house phone anymore?) and call your cell phone provider to report your phone as lost. Generally, cell phone provider services have policies in place to offer you a replacement phone for a lower cost than buying one brand new. If you had mobile device insurance on your plan, you may be able to get a free or low cost replacement fast. If not, then you can ask about buying this coverage and then getting one for less.

It’s not the worst case scenario if you need to buy a cheap phone from a local shop or even online. Just remember to choose one that is guaranteed to be unlocked and ready to accept your phone plan. Or search for a source (here for example) where you can find the codes to unlock a new phone in minutes. You’ll find that you are not the only victim of a lost or stolen phone; it happens to everyone at some point in time, even the most responsible of cell phone users.

Remember, once you get your replacement cell phone; install your security app right away so you don’t have to worry about your personal stuff getting into a stranger’s hands again.

About the author: When John Dayton isn’t covering the best that commercial vehicle accident analysis has to offer, he enjoys spending his time building his vintage hotrod.

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