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02 July 2012

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Some Quick Tips to Secure your Facebook Account in 2012

facebook security tipsSecurity is must in every field whether it is of your Home security or Facebook account Security. Now a days Facebook hacking is become a passion of every hackers and they are creating/exploiting new ways of Facebook hacking everyday with full spirit. Hence you must be a security expert of reside in this world. Therefore today i cam up with some quick tips on How to secure your Facebook account online in 2012. Have a look at below.

Tips to Secure your Facebook Account and Password in 2012:

1. Create a strong password for authentication

Passwords can be easily broken by brute-force, if you choose to use a short and simple password. If you don’t have a strong password to protect your account, then whatever security guides that you apply below is not going to do any better. The key here is to have a long and complicated password where complexity is the combination of lower case, upper case, numeric and special characters like symbols.

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2. Enable secure HTTPS connection

Simple HTTP connection is totally outdated. It can be tapped and extremely vulnerable to man in the middle attack. As a result, Facebook offers the HTTPS connection so that all the data submitted from your computer to the Facebook server is completely encrypted. Even if there is a man in the middle who taps your connection, all the person gets is gibberish data.

3. Enable login notification

If you are really unlucky where your Facebook credentials are stolen and being used to login, enabling the login notification will keep you notified about this event. By knowing that someone is using your Facebook account without your permission, you can immediately kick them out and set a new password so that they can never login anymore. This feature is extremely good where you can enable notifications from both email and mobile SMS.

4. Must Use One Time Password in login

One Time Password is a two factor authentication method where you can enable all logins from unknown devices to use One Time Password to ensure that only you can login from an unknown device. By making use of this, there are only two ways for the hacker to use your Facebook identity. One is to steal your recognized device which is your computer or smartphone. The other way is to steal your mobile phone to get the one time password.

5. Logging out from Facebook

Though it might seems to be the easiest, but it is the action that most people forget to perform. Whenever most people are done with checking and replying messages in Facebook, they just close the web browser and walk away from the computer assuming that the session is logged out. Unfortunately, that is a big gamble and not all the web browsers works the same. Some still retain your previous session even though the web browser is closed. Remember to logout. However, now you can also manage your sessions wherein you can perform a remote logout to the computer in which you had just closed the web browser without proper logout.

6. Avoid using Facebook spam applications

If you are active user on Facebook, you must have seen spam in the form of Facebook applications like Mark Zuckerberg official announcement and so on. Try not to use any Facebook application if you have not read it’s complete review. These days most of such spam applications will spam your friend wall, will ask you to fill a survey or else they will add random people into your account. You can go to application setting page and see which all applications have access to your Facebook account. Disable those which you are not using.

7. Make Backup of your Facebook account

Day by Day due to increase in Hacking/Cracking of email accounts specially Facebook, its being a headache in our minds that how to save from it. I have written many posts on these Security Tips and tricks, but as you know Backup is must. Therefore please backup your Facebook account now and save/place your backup file in a separate area. Now if any hacker hacks your account and delete all the data, you should make a new account and upload your account file into that and see things going same as in your previous account. To learn how to make backup of your Facebook account then please click here.

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