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09 July 2012

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How to Protect yourself from DNS Changer Malware

DNS Changer MalwareNow a days you might be heard about DNS Changer Malware. Yes if you are planning to use internet on Monday then you might want to join the thousands of people who are checking their computers to make sure they won't lose connection. Well DNS Changer Malware may shut down thousands or millions of computer on Monday, July 9 2012. The main cause of this shutdown is DNS Changer malware which was constantly being used by cyber criminals to access confidential data from throughout the world. So lets read on How to protect or fix this DNS changer issue just below.

What does FBI says about DNS Changer Malware?

According to FBI point of view DNS Changer Malware is a Malware software which will redirect users away from trusted websites, towards spoof websites in a bid to steal financial and personal information.

How Many Computer will Effects on Monday, July 9 2012 ?

In the World- 3,00,000

In America- 69,500

In Italy- 26,500

In India- 21,300

In United Kingdom (UK)- 19,589

How to check whether your computer is infected or not?

Now you can check whether your computer is being infected or not by clicking on this link, which is run by DCWG.

If the page is green, you're in the clear. If it's red, your computer is infected.

How to Fix DNS changer Malware issue?

Method 1. The good news is DCWG has put together a page of trusted tools and a step-by-step guide for how to fix your computer.

The bad news is it can take a day or two actually to fix the problem, Greene told That's because the malware is in a deep section of the hard drive called the "boot sector."

Method 2. If your PC affected with Malware than you should take proper action with that to secure your computer.

Below are some best and useful online tools to fix them:

Please Note:

Ensure that the DNS Servers are not within the following range of Internet Protocols (IPs):

- through

- through

- through

- through

- through

- through

If DNSChanger is detected, users may use software from McAfee, Kaspersky Labs, Microsoft, Norton, or Trend Micro to clean the infection.

To know more on DNS Changer Malware, visit their official website at here.

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