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09 January 2012

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Make Backup for your Facebook Account and Blogger as Well

backup-facebook-dataDay by Day due to increase in Hacking/Cracking of email accounts specially Blogger and spreading of viruses/worms in your Facebook Account, its being a headache in our minds that how to save from it. I have written many posts on these Security Tips and tricks, but as you know Backup is must. Therefore, today we will learn that how to make Backup data of these accounts properly. So just follow the below procedure and be safe if your account hacked further.

Procedure for Facebook :

1. First of all login into your Facebook account and then click account settings under ▼ tab.

2. Then at the bottom, you will find Download your copy of Facebook data.

3. Click it, and enter your Facebook account password in the box provided to you.

4. Now you will see something like that below-

Backup Facebook Data

5. Now click on Download Achieve and wait for 1 hour for the Facebook backup data file to be sent to your Email account.

6. Note- In the meantime (1 hour), Facebook will prepare your all data from the first time when you sign up at Facebook.

7. Once you will be emailed with your Backup data from Facebook, click on the link provided in your mail and download it and place at some safe place or upload it in your own Directory.

8. Done!

Procedure for Blogger :

1. First of all login into your Blogger Dashboard and click on Settings.

2. Now under the basics tab, you will find Export option (Blog Tools), just click on it.

3. Now you will see something like that below-

export blog

4. Now click on Download Blog button and the file will be automatically downloaded to your computer by taking some time.

5. Place that file (HTML File) in a safe place for longtime and remember to download this file again to update Backup data file when you have written more posts in your Blog after some time.

If I am Hacked, What to do now with backup Data file?

1. For Facebook, create a new account with your same name, date of birth and other such information as on the previous hacked account and then upload your backup data file on Facebook. Note- Backup data file will contain all your updates, pics, videos, comments and other personal information.

2. For Blogger, import that HTML file to a new Blogger account by going to settings and you will get all your posts again. Enjoy!

That’s it!

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