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01 January 2012

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Gmail Cookie Stealing Technique–Session Hijacking

All of you knows that hacking Gmail is one of the toughest jobs ever on the internet because it is made by Google- one of top Companies in the world. As you knows that cookie stealing and session techniques are the common ways to hack it mainly. Therefore today, we will learn how to gain access to your victims Gmail account by stealing his/her cookies (GX cookies) and tokens that authenticates users.

Basics of this Attack :

1. What is a Cookie ?

Well! A cookie is a piece of code or some language which is used to authenticate a user on a website with his/her pc or laptop.

2. What is a Token or Session Token ?

After the authentication is completed , A webserver hands the browser with an session token to recognize different connections with it. If anyone hacks the session token, he/she will completely access his/her account from anywhere.

After that, the hacker would start injecting the cookies into cookie injector or stealer (an Mozilla Firefox add-on) and gain access to his/her account. This is known as Session Hijacking.

How to get or capture the cookies of someone :

1. This method works same as my previous post. All you have to send the harmful php script to your victims and asking him to click by uploading it to free webhosting companies like, etc. Once he/she clicks accidently, all his/her cookies will be stored in a txt file. Note- This is the case when we know the php script of hacking Gmail accounts. If you don’t know, follow the below steps.

2. To capture GX cookies that means Gmail cookies, we will take help of some popular tools like Cain and Abel, Wireshark, Ettercap etc..

@ Wireshark :

Use this tool to capture GX cookies if you are on a hub based network. This is known as packet sniffing method.

1. First of all download and install wireshark from googling.
2. Now open it and click analyze and after that interfaces.
3. Then start the process as wireshark will capture all the local cookies by taking some time.
4. That’s it! copy one of GX cookie from wireshark in Bytes (Printable Text Only) and inject them into cookie injector.
5. Once it will done, you have complete access to his/her account.

@ Cain and Abel :

Use this tool to capture GX cookies if you are on a LAN based network and windows operating system.

1. First of download and install Cain and Abel from here.
2. Now open it and go to the sniffer tab, then http and click start at the top left end.
3. This will show you all the cookies along with its server.
4. Done! Enjoy hacking…

@ Ettercap :


Use this tool to capture GX cookies if you are on a Linux based machine. For more details, click here. This is known as the Man in the Middle Attack.

Countermeasures :

There is only 1 basic countermeasure of it given below- 
Use https:// encryption instead of http://

How to do it ?

Visit your Gmail account, click on settings and under the general tab- you will see Browser connection, change it to Always use https and save it.

This chapter is over now! Any doubts is welcomed below-

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