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03 January 2012

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Hack Google Plus via Phishing

As you all know that to challenge Facebook, Google has launched its Google plus which includes all features like FB but with some twist or unique style. Now a days, Google + is spreading very fast like a worm because of its fast loading and some other functions. Hence, in this post we are going to learn that How to Hack Google Plus via Phishing attack. Enjoy!


You are wondering that I am going to present a phishing page of Google + among you as I do earlier. But the fact is that we don’t require it. Why? Because all we have to hack Gmail account and if we did it- Google plus is also hacked.

Note- Google Plus is a Google authority and if we have an Gmail account earlier- we are not going to register again with Google plus as Google plus takes the account information of Gmail account etc..

So to download Gmail fake login Page, Please Click here and if you wanted to make own Google + phishing page, then click here to learn more about it.

And to know what a phishing attack is or how to perform this attack by fake login page, then plz click here.

Thanks! More vulnerabilities of Google + will be coming soon…

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