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03 December 2013

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Top 5 Must Have Iphone Security Applications 2014

top 5 iphone security apps Well after a very very long time, today I am here to introduce you some top 5 must have Iphone Apps of 2013-2014 etc. Sometimes we forget about our iPhones when it comes to security issue, but hackers, crackers and other bad guys don't forget this. As this result, criminals would love to get their hands in your iPhone with latest IOS release. Therefore these great security related iPhone apps helps you protect your iPhone, it's data, and even your home as well. Check it out now!

Top 5 Must Have iPhone Security Apps 2014:-

1. Find My iPhone

Here's a free way to find your lost iPhone, using another iOS device! Simply download this onto your iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, open it and log in with your Apple email ID. Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, display a message, play a sound, remotely lock your iPhone or erase all your iPhone's data easily.


This app costs 9.99$ from the apple app store. This app has 256 bit blowfish encryption, auto-lock, password generator, cloud data protection, free backup utility, email attachment backup/restore, and optional self-destruct.


The alarm system monitor and control application will let you arm, disarm, check the system's status and other tasks depending on what features you subscribe to. I just love this alarm.

4. Kryptos (for Secure VoIP calls)

Its free man! Kryptos is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) app for the iPhone that is intended to provide military-grade AES-encrypted phone calls (provided each party is using the Kryptos application to make and receive calls)

5. Pocket Cloud

Wow! This is the most expensive app on the list worth $14.99; however, it promises a secure and fast way to remotely connect, access files, pictures and applications with a simple installation, security and RDP/VNC compatibility etc.

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