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23 March 2012

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How To See Deleted Or Unavailable Pictures On Facebook

 Hi friends,As you all know that facebook is the largest community in the world along 800 millions users.People use facebok for making friends and want to see their pictures.But some time they deleted the pictures because they are deleted by the user.Now the question arise How can we see others deleted pictures on facebook.Dont worry friends.Facebook photos can be seen even after the deletion. And you can see the private pics of other users.

How To See Deleted Pictures On Facebook

Facebook use CDN service as other big sites use for making their website loading speed fast.This CDN service allow us to see pictures on facebok even they are deleted on facebook

Steps To See Deleted Pictures:-

  1. First find a picture for a experiment
  2. Now right click on the picture and and 
  3. click on "copy image URL". Paste this address on notepad and wherever you want to save 

4.Now delete the picture and trying to access the picture again.You find the error like something

Now copy the link address from the notepad which we have saved and then open the link in browser. And You will see the photo which you have deleted before few minute and was unavailable to see.

How It works

:-This is possible because of CDN service.The logic behind it is that when we delete some picture from facebook.It is deleted by the facebook database and server.But the picture we deleted on facebook is copied by many of facebook users.Because of large and millions of user in facebook which are still on fb.

Logic Behind This:

-When we open a photo on facebook, its URL looks like this: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx &type=1&ref=nf  

Here facebook restricts us by the the fb id. Facebook checks whether we are authorize to see the photo or not. When we see the photo by image URL, it looks something like this.

With this link, we see the photo direct from the server with its original location. So there is no restriction on the photo now.  

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