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15 March 2012

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How to Find Fake Email Address?

Hello Friends,Daily we got almost 100's of fake emails,Like in Spam folder.A php script can mail you from any email address.Also from your own email address.Strange ?But its true.So today I am going to post a very informative article on How To Find Fake Email Address.With time to time people creates many fake email id's, for its fun,hacking and other purpose,which creates a bunch of troubles to thousand of peoples.So detection of  fake email id's is very important because hackers are always looking to use the Fake Email ID'S to get personal information of a victims.There are several techniques to identify fake email id's.

Email Address Checker:-

Email Address Checker is well known email IDs checker which identify the the validity of any kind of emails IDs. All you need to do is type the email IDs in the box and press ‘Check’ button. Within a moment it displays the validity of email IDs.
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Put the email Id you want to scan in check box and click on check for processing:-

Click on info button to find the email is true or false

Click on Result and see the result that is email is valid or not

Voillaaa !!! Email is valid and also in good use.This is the demo that how you can find fake emails.Copy the email id in your scam box and put it in scanner box and find the result

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