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08 March 2012

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Hacking Facebook Fan Pages through Exploit

How to hack Facebook Fan pageThere is nothing much more interesting than hacking Facebook Fan Pages at the hands from our home. Fan pages means the pages of an celebrity, website or any organization etc. Although Facebook has an huge security over it but we can hack it through a simple exploit with its key as given below. So carefully read the tutorial and sit down properly.

What we need to hack Facebook Fan Page:

1. An exploit
2. Free web hosting site
3. Key to run the exploit
4. Your Facebook Email id

Procedure for hacking Facebook Fan page:

1. First of all download Facebook hacking exploit from here.
2. After downloading, open and extract all the files inside(2 files).
3. Now open pagehack.js and some some necessary changes as given below-

Search for and replace it with your Facebook email id.

4. Now Upload the first pagehack.js file to any free webhosting site like, etc.
5. After uploading, check the root of your pagehack.js file and copy it.
6. Now its time to make changes in your second key for pagehack.txt file as given below-

Open and replace with your pagehack.js root in your free webhosting site to link both files properly to each other.

7. After making changes to key for pagehack.txt, simply upload it to same webhosting site along with paghack.js file.
8. Now copy the JavaScript as mentioned in the Key for pagehack.txt file and send it to your victims and ask him to paste in your browser and see the magic or something else.
9. Immediately after your victims do it, he/she will be successfully hacked.
10. That’s it! You have hacked Facebook fan page by yourself. Enjoy!!!

Note- KrackoWorld is not responsible for any kind of damage you done by this script as this is made for the educational purposes only.

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  1. do you know how can i spam fan pages without getting security code or ban my acc?

  2. Bro iam not understanding this step

    Open and replace with your pagehack.js root in your free webhosting site to link both files properly to each other

    Please tell this step briefly

    1. sunil i mean that if you uploaded your files to then the url becomes inside it.

  3. Hi,i dont understand this:Search for and replace it with your Facebook email id.
    can you explain to me? Thank you.

  4. bro when a victim enters the code in his url baar thn what will he or she will do? press enter or else?

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