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18 July 2011

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Secure Your Wireless Home Network

Wireless-Internet-SecuritySecuring Wireless Home Networks is one of the biggest problems that I have ever seen. As you all know that many software's like Kismet,Netstumbler etc. comes into action to break the security of it and get sensitive data plus information in it. So we have to be very attentive in this case, therefore below I am providing you some tips to get rid of this.
Enjoy !


Tips & tricks for Wireless Home Network Security

1) Change Default Administrator Passwords and Usernames.
2) Change the Default SSID (recommended).
3) Turn on (Compatible) WPA / WEP Encryption.
4) Disable SSID Broadcast.
5) Assign Static IP Addresses to all Devices.
6) Enable MAC Address Filtering.
7) Turn Off the Network During Extended Periods of Non-Use (optional).

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  1. thnxx fr dis post first of all karan .. I would jst like to ask u dt frm whre have u taken ur blogger template ?? ..caluld u plz tell..

  2. @Bharvi
    Bharvi first of all i want to tell you that the current template of mine is not available at anywhere, it is designed by my own Skills and also with the help of mohammad mustafa from MBT. This template is strictly reserved under me and reselling is strictly prohibited as protected by copyscape.
    Any further help is welcomed.!

  3. ok dude.. cauld u tell ne place on the internet where I can get full customised professional templates for free?????.. u r very lucky that u have such typeof template....

  4. @Bharvi
    You can search for template blue magzine on site

  5. Most of user desire maximum use of his wireless network and to secure of virus but wireless device to become secure is the biggest problem in the world. To secure wireless connection you must change administrator passowrd & username,give static IP address to any other device.


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