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06 July 2011

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How to Use PayPal Even In Banned Countries ?

paypal puzzleAs you all knows that PayPal is a great Online Money Transaction Service where people can send,receive,withdraw and even hold Payments. PayPal is an company of eBay Inc. and a US $2.23 billion worth company! :> Around 75% of online money transfer is now made via PayPal. But the only problem is that PayPal has their very strict rules and policies which banes countries like Pakistan,India,Egypt,Iraq,Afghanistan,Iran and more to use it. Therefore today I am going to tell you the solution along with examples.


Restrictions made by PayPal to the banned Countries like India and More :

  • Export related payments for goods and services must not exceed $500.

  • Any balance or future payments must not be used to buy goods or services but transferred to a bank account within 7 days from the receipt of payment.

  • Credit/Debit cards must be used for payment processing through Paypal

Complete List of Solutions :

1. The Solution Lies With Your Friends and Relatives -( This is a true story of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai from Mybloggertricks )

I started web designing two years back and to receive payments from clients the only option I had was to use PayPal but since I live in Karachi Pakistan, PayPal was what I could not use. I searched day and night for a magic formula that could help me earn a living online. I had skills, clients but no payment source and that was disappointing. Those days were tough but it did not bother me for long. During a chat with a home town friend I came to know How Stupid Was I!

That blessed man told me that Of Course PayPal is banned in Pakistan but he used to receive and send hundreds of dollars a week using his PayPal account from Pakistan. I asked how? He said you can not create a PayPal account from here using a Local bank account but you can Log Into a PayPal  account From a banned Country!

For a complete list of PayPal Accepted Countries, Please Visit this link .

If you have any trustful friend, family member or a relative living in any of the above countries, then you simply need to ask for there generosity in this serious case. How? Follow up.

How I created my PayPal Account in Pakistan?

I have a sister living in California USA. She is a housewife and an American National. I simply asked her if she could use her credit card to open a PayPal account for me using her Local Bank. Fortunately she was more than happy to help me out and it took her less than a week to fill all the legal forms and create an Online PayPal account. This whole process cost her less than $20 Dollars. Just after five days I was able to log into my PayPal account using my own Username and Password.

Now whenever I have to withdraw some cash out of my account, I simply call my sis and she being the original owner of my account withdraws the amount using her Local Bank and credit card. Within 3 days I receive the amount at home through Western Union Cash Out

This method works fine for me and is a simple practical way of using PayPal the other way Round. As simple as that! =)

2. Bhavesh from Plenty of Ebooks Suggested some New Ways on Online Internet transactions and Payments.

" The only solution right now is either use debit/credit cards for online payment or switch to Moneybookers or alertpay. The second option doesn't guarantee that your problem is solved forever because as more people switch to other options RBI can impose these rules on Moneybookers and alertpay as well in future.
Another solution for payments is using VCC but not a very good idea I think.
As for receiving money is concerned here is an eg. what you can do.
Eg. You are about to receive 1000 USD from someone but the limit is 500 USD. So what you can do is get that 1000 in two transactions of 500 USD each. It doesn't matters how many times in a month you receive 500 USD.
The rules are not fully implemented yet in all accounts. Some are able to send money as they used to do before and some cannot. Its just a matter of time when the rules are fully implemented.
Although I don't see that anything is gonna change in these pathetic rules you can still take a step forward a make a petition on the following site informing RBI how these rules affects you.
Here is the site where you can file your petition:
Internet Entrepreneurs of India's Petition to RBI "

What is a VCC ?

"VCC (Virtual Credit Card) is somewhat like a temporary credit card you can say. It is valid just for just 24 hours. Not all banks provide this service. HDFC Net Safe provides a VCC.
To create a VCC you need to have an actual credit/debit card. After creation you get a different 16 digit no. and CVV no. etc etc. which is not related to your actual credit/debit card. By this you can shop online without worrying because it will expire in 24 hrs. and also you can set a limit of how much to use in that VCC. So VCC is for some one who do not want to pay online regularly or for people who are concerned about the security. For people who pay regularly online then attaching a credit/debit card to PayPal is best option so far I think.
And about alert pay and money bookers, I can say that money bookers is now getting popular after this PayPal issue. Many people are switching to them because these rules are only imposed on PayPal at the moment. But it will take time for online retailers because not all of them uses Money Bookers at the time because PayPal was ruling but I guess they will start adding money bookers as an option for payment as well. Again its just a matter of time :)"

Do you have another Solution ?

I would highly appreciate if you will post any other working method or solution that you may have practically applied and it worked for you in the Comments Box below.

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