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13 July 2011

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Best Way to Learn Programming - Advantages & Disadvantages

what is programming languageLots of readers often ask me that is learning programming is mandatory for a hacker to increase its potential, So the answer is “yes” but in some cases. Atleast we have the knowledge of little basics of it. hence programming helps us to became an elite hacker. Therefore today, I am going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of learning programing and also how to learn it properly as well. Enjoy !


Where should I start ?

Many people finally decide that they are going to begin learning a programming language, but don’t know where to start. I believe that before you begin to learn a programming language, you should first master HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML is part of what makes up all of the website pages you see on the internet. HTML is very easy to learn and it will helps you to have a look at source code. Blogging and template designing is also a best way to learn it in my point of view.

From there I would suggest starting your programming life with C. C is one of the most popular languages, and it is what makes up the majority of the exploits out there today. C also makes up some of the most powerful hacking programs and viruses that are out there today.

Advantages of Programming

1. You’ll be considered an elite hacker.
2. Imagine a black hat discovers a vulnerability and codes an exploit for it that no one else knows about. The black hat would be able to take down thousands of machines before anyone discovers and patches the vulnerability.
3. You will feel so much more satisfied having created your own program or exploit. I promise you this.

So my advice is, don’t settle for being a point and click hacker. Take some time to understand even just the basics of programming and an entire new world of hacking will open up to you.

Disadvantages of Programming

1. You’ll be considered an script kiddies.
2. You don’t have your own point of view and rearrangement.
3. You cannot find holes & vulnerabilities.
4. No idea of creating your own tools and exploits etc.

Best way to learn it

1. Purchase a beginners book on your programming language usually in English. Before you choose the book, make sure you read the reviews to make sure it’s a good choice.
2. It is important that once you begin learning the programming language through your book, you don’t take big breaks. Taking long breaks will cause you to forget things you learned in the beginning that apply to the rest of the book.
3. Do ALL of the practice problems provided in the book. The only way you will become better is by applying what you learn.
4. When something difficult comes up or something that makes no sense to you, don’t avoid or skip it. Instead embrace it! This is how you actually learn. If you still don’t understand it after going over it multiple times, find someone that can help you.
5. Join a programming forum. Search for a website on your programming language that has a large user base. There will be many professionals on there that will be able to help you when you get stuck.
6. Practice. Practice Practice. Think of ideas for fun programs that you could make and program them!

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