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09 June 2011

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What to do when your Gmail Account is Hacked ?

gmail-password-hackedWith the tremendous increase in the hackers over 2008-2011, Security is being the major problem among the people who don’t even know hacking and are newbies. It should be any time when your Account is being hijacked or hacked by an person(usually hacker). As Google provides Gmail which offers good services and facilities than any other, so most of the people are on it. Being hacked by Google account means you lost your other accounts associated with Gmail also like Orkut, Google Checkout, Blogger, AdSense, Google Docs, Picasa accounts etc. So Here are the 3 options suggested by the Google Support team should be taken when you forget your Gmail password or if someone else takes ownership of your Google Account and changes the password:

1. Reset Your Google Account Password

Type the email address associated with your Google Account or Gmail user name at Gmail Forgot Password Link – you will receive an email at your secondary email address with a link to reset your Google Account Password. This will not work if the other person has changed your secondary email address or if you no longer have access to that address.

2. For Google Accounts Associated with Gmail

If you have problems while logging into your Gmail account, you can consider contacting Google by filling this form. It however requires you to remember the exact date when you created that Gmail account.

For Knowing how to find your Gmail Creation date, Please Follow the below steps-

1.By Using Gmail Welcome Mail:
Whenever you create an gmail account you will get a welcome mail from gmail team. So,here is the tip ,this “Welcome Mail” has the same date as your Gmail account creation date.To get this mail and there by the date,Go to Gmail inbox and hit on Oldest
button to get the last message. This message will be welcome mail from Gmail Team.You can note this mail date and this will be your gmail creation date.
But,the problem arises when if you are deleted the welcome mail from you inbox.If you done so the above method will not help you to find the gmail creation read the below method.

2.By Using POP:
This method will work only for accounts created after 2007.
Go to Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP and
under POP Download, look for:
Status: POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived
since “Your Account Creation Date”

Your account creation date can be noted and it will be your Gmail creation date.

3. For Hijacked Google Accounts Not Linked to Gmail

If your Google Account doesn’t use a Gmail address, contact Google by filling this form. This approach may help bring back your Google Account if you religiously preserve all your old emails. You will be required to know the exact creation date of your Google Account plus a copy of that original “Google Email Verification” message. It may be slightly tough to get your Google Account back but definitely not impossible if you have the relevant information in your secondary email mailbox.

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