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16 December 2010

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Send free SmS through internet

There are hundreds of websites which offer sending SMS services in India & US but most of these dont work out because you need to buy some SMS credits and run these services and some of these buy paid credits on customers behalf and make the money back from the member’s subscriptions or advertising on their websites.
Top 8 free Sms sending sites to anywhere in the world-
  1. 160by2 Free SMS Service160by2 a service which was started a year back and has become a huge hit because of their excellent features. Basically this service just allows you to send in a SMS message to any mobile phone in India which is 80 characters long and they automatically attach a 80 characters sized text based relevant[contexual] advertisement in order to make money from this service. Even though this service has ads in each SMS, the users got fan of this and have promoted it a lot within their network. Currently the members base of 160by2 has increased over a million users and this was just possible in a year. Every SMS sent will be recieved by the user as a message from and the senders number is not displayed.
  2. Way 2 Free SMS ServiceWay2SMS is another free SMS sending service which offers more SMS sending characters limits which is upto 92 characters and thats more better than 160by2 sms service. The balance SMS space is occupied by similar contexual ads also called as mobitisements. This service is also supported on wap.
  3. Jaxtr Free SMS ServiceJaxtr is a service which was launched in March 2007 which has a real huge membership of 10 million + with members from around 220 countries and they not only offer free sms service but also offers free calls recieving from all over the world making it the worlds largest talk network. These guys offer your phone number of your member pages from which others can give you a call by keeping your phone number private. You just need to signup with them, verify your mobile phone by entering your number and entering the confirmation on their test call.
  4. Gii Free SMS ServiceGii SMS Messages : Send SMS in India : A website run by me offers you with different text messages based on the different occassions and festivals in India and the SMS sending feature offers you with sending messages all over the world and not just limited to India, though currently the cellular network carriers are limited and i will try to add up more in the future.
  5. Gizmo Free SMS ServiceGizmoSMS is another free International SMS service using which you can send a SMS to any country all over the world. Even though there are no charges for sending a SMS but the reciever may get charged for recieving a SMS and this depends on the carrier and their services. This service also offers a feature of free calls where you can call up the person whom you have sent a free SMS.
  6. Atro Chatro Free SMS ServiceAtrochatro is a free sms sending service with a twist, which means they not only offer free sms sending to india but also offers numerous other services like free SMS samples for different occassions with games, free-ecards and lot more. Most of these services are useful to mobile phone users and this is the very reason it has recently recieved a huge hit.
  7. Indya Rocks Free SMS ServiceIndyaRocks is a social networking website whose one small feature is sending SMS to registered members all over the world. You just need to signup , confirm and verify your phone in order to send a free SMS also called as ‘Mobile Graffiti Wall’ service which is the profile page on Also another unique service by this website is that they offer Group SMS service by sending a SMS to all your friends at the same time which may be useful at times of occassions and every verified and registered member in your group can recieve your sent SMS.
  8. Text4Free SMS ServiceText4Free : Text4free is a free SMS & MMS Sending service from your computer with international sending features. Also features tools to add free sms sending to myspace and SMS sending to over 100 countries all over the world.
Enjoy Sending Free SMS...

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