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16 April 2012

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How to Hack Facebook / Paypal Accounts Using HellRaiser Mac RAT

Today, in this article I am going to share RAT Hell Raiser which you can use it on MAC operating system. By using this Hell Raiser Mac RAT you can hack differents type of accounts password such as Gmail account Password, Facebook account password, Hotmail account password, Yahoo etc...

Step 1: Free download Mac RAT Hell Raiser to hack password.

Step 2: Start by opening the server Configure Application.

Once you open it you should see
• File Name: what your server file will be called
• Port: Use any port as long as it is fowarded
• Password: use whatever you want for the password

Step 3: Now Click the SMTP tab. I recomend clicking the gmail button and then use a gmail email for receiving logs.

Step 4: Click the FTP tab. If you wants to receive logs on your FTP account then just fill it in with your FTP info.

Step 5: Now Click Connection and make sure it looks like image (depending on who your infecting these options may varry).

Step 6: This is the fun part :) Click Auto Duplication tab, By Default it is turned off. You can spesify if you want it to duplicate and how many times u want it to duplicate and how often u want it to duplicate in this area of the Config tool (it uses smart dulication cloning other apps names so its very hard to find) (leave it off if your testing or your gona have a hard time cleaning your system!!)

Step 7: Hit Configure Server then select the file from your hell raiser folder (use the one included in the DMG)

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