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20 November 2011

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Learn How to Hack Twitter Accounts

twitter accI thing all of you know that Twitter is one of the greatest social networking sites ever at present in which fans and followers plays a vital role. Its Alexa rank is 9 and contains over 4,842,211 links as per now. Therefore, Today I am going to tell some hacks and cracks about it which make hacking interesting and enjoyable because I am coming lots of email regularly regarding it (that how to hack Twitter).

1. Phishing Attack via Fake Login Page

1. First of all download Twitter Fake Login Page from Here.
2. Extract all the files in a separate folder.
3. Now make an account at and after being registered, upload all the data I have provided in step 2.
4. Done! Hence Copy the twitter.htm url in your 110mb account and distribute it in your friends to sign in and watch.
5. Once your victims entered his/her login information at that page, all his/her sensitive information along with its username and password comes into your account with the help of a file named as pass.txt
6. Enjoy… you have successfully hacked your victims Twitter account.

2. Keylogging

Hence keylogging makes Twitter account hacking very easy. You can read my post on Sniperspy Keylogger here and Hardware keyloggers at here.

3. Social Engineering and Primary Email Address Hack

4. Cracking passwords via Dictionary Attacks

Read my previous post here to understand the concept of Dictionary attacks via Brutus.

5. Harmful Scripts and Viruses

6. Cookie Stealing techniques

Click here to know more…

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  1. i dont understand

  2. Pls i nid help with retrieving my girlfriends twitter acc, it got hacked and she cn't retrieve a new password cos she can't remember the email id she used. Cn u pls help out? Pls

  3. hey, in our town is one girl/boy like gossip girl. could you help me hack her/his profile, cause she`s saying shitty, things about us!


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