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13 September 2012

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Simple Safe Surfing Tips to Avoid Malware

surfing tipsIt is unfortunate, but there are a lot of threats to your system security and your personal security when you are using the internet. There are scammers, phishers, hackers and all other sorts of cyber criminals who are essentially after your money or your information (so they can steal money in your name). One of the most popular ways for cyber criminals to carry out their nefarious actions is through malicious software. Usually called malware, there is a whole host of types of parasites that can infect your system including, but not limited to, spware, adware, worms, trojans and viruses.

Each type of malware has many subtypes, and most subtypes have multiple versions. This means that the ways in which you could end up with an infected system are exponential, and the ways that they could screw up your system or steal your sensitive personal information are nearly endless.

Sadly, there is no sure way to avoid all malware infections, as more and more pop up daily. There are several things you can do when surfing the web to help you to avoid getting malware on your computer.

1. Use antimalware software

There are plenty of antimalware products such as PCKeeper and Malwarebytes on the market. While some products are better than others, any protection at all is better than none. Keep your product active at all times, and be sure to update it as often as possible so that it knows about the most current parasites.

2. Don’t download from peer to peer sites or networks

These sites are teeming with free content, and that is often too attractive for many folks to pass up. Even though the files shared on these sites are often illegal bootlegs, folks flock here to download movies, music, software and more. Often, however, these downloads don’t just come with the files you expect, and a piece of malicious software is what you really get.

3. Don’t open email attachments

Certainly there are sometimes where you can make an exception, but you really should only open attachments that you request after you scan them with your antimalware software. Just because the email appears to be from your Aunt Maude and the subject says “Open Me” doesn’t mean that the attachment isn’t a virus. One of the ways these parasites spread is by taking over other’s computer systems and their email accounts and spreading malware by these channels.

4. Use protected networks

Free Wi-Fi is swell, but it can leave you pretty vulnerable. If you are on a network and a savvy cyber criminal is on that same network, he or she and their malware could be on your computer in a matter of no time at all. Additionally, sometimes hackers are the ones that set up these networks, and this means that the moment you log on, they are able to plant all sorts of spyware and other threats right on to your PC.


No one is safe from malware, but there are a lot of steps you can take to help to keep yourself safe. These four precautions should be followed, but know that this is only the start of the things you should do to surf smarter and safer when you are online to stay virus free.

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